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  1. That sold quick,SOLD
  2. I ran 5mm spacers on the rear with 235/35s on and 20mm spacers on the front with 215/35s,droped on coilys with rolled rear arches.
  3. last day of ownership of the bm,my mate picks it up tomorrow morning,give it one last clean,thanks to everyone for all the kind comments about the car and help with any problems,might be back one day with another one. cheers
  4. It was getting there mate,couldnt turn down the offer tho,dont no whats next,fancy a r32
  5. Well guys,decided to sell up,my mate me an offer i couldnt turn down,so its gone at the end of the month.
  6. Looking really nice ben,some nice touches there
  7. Great choice of wheel mate,had some on my fab vrs,was just wondering what these would look like on a e46,cant wait for the pics
  8. Like the wheels mate,not a big fan of the stripe
  9. they look spot on,where did you get them from?said it before but those wheels look perfect mate
  10. cheers ben ive been thinking about changing them mate,hate the standards
  11. spent the day giving the car a good power polish,3 stages,well worth the effort.good old meguiars
  12. 400 for for genuine schnitzer wheels isnt to bad mate,if i had the cash spare id buy them myself
  13. Hi guys Just replaced the rear brake wear sensor but the light is still on the dash,is there anyway to reset the light?
  14. I like that ben,might be tempted Myself
  15. Looks really smart mate,think ive seen this on bimmerforums,really nice loon
  16. Il take A part x with some 18s for the x5s
  17. I get my tyres from camskill mate,anywhere from £60 upwards mate,so not ti bad
  18. never had them when i had standard suspension mate,had the coilys on,ive had my back arches done with how low ive got it,should be fine with standard suspension.might be time for something different so if anyone has some standard sport 18s and some cash,might be able to sort a deal out on the x5s
  19. Very nice example mate,well done
  20. it all depends on the stance you want,and certain tyres stretch more than others,ive found falkens stretch more than other tyres of the same size,235s were needed for me so i could get the look i wanted.if you were abit higher you might get away with a wider tyre.
  21. The fronts are 9s mate,they do have abit of stretch but you need it to get it low,dont think you could put any bigger tyres on really,i did try some 225/35 falkens on the 10s but the tyre walls were screaming to get off the rim?
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