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  1. bigdal

    bigdal's M3

    Thank you all for your replies.As for the the tyres the sizes on there are standard e46 m3 size 225/40/19 front and 255/35/19 rear which is what bm autosport recommend fitting on this size wheel for an m3.i could of gone up a tyre size on the rear i guess but went with recommendations
  2. Hi all! I haven't been on for a while since I sold my 330Ci (see my sig pic), but now I've got myself a Carbon Black M3. So far the mods include; Black Kidney grills Later spec LED rear lights Eibach springs Simota carbon induction kit (bought off a mate for £150) 19" Zito 935 CSL GTS alloys Painted brake calipers red A few pics; Future plans include a remap, possibly a Scorpian backbox, M3 reg plate (birthday present from my g'friend) and Red Stuff pads all round. All comments welcome, cheers!
  3. Please do tell.i did notice he had gone.i have bought stuff off of him and he was on my fb until I came off there
  4. Hi all I haven't been around for a while as I've had a lot of stuff going on but I hope u are all well.i know I've probably missed out on this now but would like to join the fun if there are any stand passes still available?.
  5. I don't know and this does worry me a bit.wot are the symptoms and wot do I have to look for?i can get it on a ramp
  6. Hi all after a few months away from the BMW fold I'm back and this time it's an m3.its a 2001 carbon black coupe with grey leather fsh 19s harmon kardon sunroof heated seats ect ect.im very happy with it and apart from a couple of small cosmetic bits it's in excellent condition and drives very well.i only picked it up today so haven't had a chance to fully stretch it's legs yet due to the bad weather all day.i will get some pics up during the week.
  7. Hi all i havent been around for a while but ive decided that i would like to return to the fold by getting another 330 sport coupe/convertable but a manual this time instead of auto.im putting my st220 up for sale so if and when it goes i will be on the hunt for another e46 for around the 4k mark.i will be around a bit more keeping an eye on the classifieds.
  8. No unfortunatly not yet ash but im hoping to be soon.my mate has just bought a 320 cd and we are trying to sort out fitting xenons/hid kit
  9. Hi all i hope you are all well.My question is what is involved in fitting xenon headlights onto a 54 plate e46 320cd i.e what parts apart from the actual headlights would i need and is it a fairly easy job to do? Thanks
  10. Well roughly this time last year i was 21 stone 12 pounds and now im 14 stone 11 pound and feel alot better for it.i have put on a couple of pounds over the weekend by not being as careful as i should have been but it will come back off this week and it will just mean i have to work a bit harder in the gym this week.when you have been bigger most of your life like i have iits a constant battle to keep it off but i will.
  11. its a shame that the value on these great cars has dropped so much now but i suppose thats just the way it is.the biggest mistake i made was getting the rx8
  12. To be totally honest i dont know Daz.i think it was case of having had it for 3 years and fancied a change.the grass isnt always greener
  13. As much as the clk is a really good comfortable car with the right mileage service history and bits and peices on it i do really miss my 330 and would love another one.ive put my merc up for sale already and if it goes i will be looking for another 330 but the only problem is im on a limited budget of prob £3500 max at the moment.i do really want an m3 and will prob get one next year but would like to be back in a bmw until then.
  14. Yes mate it will be a e46 m3.i could go and get one tomorrow if i really wanted an older high mileage one which i dont so i would rather wait maybe even till next year to save some more pennies.To be honest i quite like the merc and although it has slightly less power than my 330 had it has more torque so doesnt feel any slower.if it was a forever car then i would prob take a chance on compromising the ride and put 19's on it and lower it but the thing ive found is its easier to sell an unmodified car than one with big wheels ect.
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