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  1. Mixed feelings, but looks like i've just sold mine .... However if all pans out today I'll soon be filling the Bavarian sized hole with an E92! I'll be popping a few of the usual bits in the parts for sale section as soon as I can get a list made and some photos taken
  2. Winter wheel on, and summer ones washed and stored!
  3. Fingers crossed misfire's been fixed. Not a coil pack, but a split in the lower intake bellow. Still needed a new O2 sensor though :-( I now realise I may have been running with the misfire for longer than I thought, as its been ages since the engine felt as "pirky"! Doh!
  4. I would just change the coil pack first as the misfire may be giving you the duff O2 sensor code. Thanks Mate, that's what i'm hoping! I've a good used one to collect and fit next week, then rescan. The O2 sensor fault has popped up before (without the misfire) but this time it's reporting "no signal".
  5. Had engine fault codes read after development of a slight misfire and the engine light coming on Looks like I need a new coil pack on cylinder 2 and at least one post cat O2 sensor.
  6. Just installed a Parrot CK3000 Evo and a Connects 2 module to mine using Delmarco's excellent guide.
  7. Just followed this "how to" and now have BT in mine. Fantastic writeup, many thanks
  8. I think i recognise that 5? Not another Nutz'r by any chance?
  9. Thread resurrection! This lot just been on BBC Watchdog!
  10. Finally got summer wheels and tires on; just in time for it to start raining! Still the last few days have been warm enough to make the winter ones feel like driving on blamanche!
  11. There's a few of us on here and we've either managed "not to sell" the 5 or have persuaded SWMBO to "want the 5"! Just got mine back from "Painter Daves", and she'll be back to "Rodders" again soon ;-). In fact Painter Dave has just sorted out some work on my BM too!
  12. Hi Mate, and welcome! You're not on MX5 Nutz by any chance, that 5 looks familiar?
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