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  1. Hi Now the convertible has gone I am selling the spare floor mats I had for it. Genuine BMW. Good condition, Clean. £20, plus postage if needed.
  2. Hi Now the convertible has gone I am selling the cover I had for it. Genuine BMW cover. Good condition, comes with its own zip up bag. £50, plus postage if needed.
  3. Genuine Lambswool seat covers fitted to a convertible in Brisbane.
  4. I saw this yesterday on one of Chelmsfords many (wet yesterday) roundabouts. Hope it wasn't anyone on here and hope the driver is okay. RWD + wet roundabouts = carefully
  5. How straight forward is it to remove a front MSport bumper? How is it done, Is it a one man or two man job?
  6. My front drivers side has gone and Chelmsford BMW didn't want to know. They handled the whole thing very poorly in the end. With that being the case does anyone know a good quality / reasonably priced body work place round Chelmsford Essex?
  7. I adore having the roof down. No road trip but a trundle to the golf course, 5 miles. M Flag in the boot from my trip to the Nurburgring 24 hour in May. Weather permitting I always leave the roof down when I play golf. Love coming back to it with the roof tucked away.
  8. Numbers 80 and 81 thumped around for the full 24 hours. Finished 64th and 60th of a field of 149. Awsome weekend, recommend that everyone should I've it a go.
  9. Cheers I checked the fuses. Both looked okay. However after replacing them the unit worked fine. In effect I just disconnected it. Who is the unit upgrader?
  10. BMW UK want £170 per side. Eurocar parts were £110. I must admit I was surprised that it worked out to be £500 for the spraying.
  11. So today the Vert has decided to add another thing to the list of things that are outstanding. Needed to do shocks and springs. Needed to do the front wing as it has started to bubble up. This morning the head unit decided that it wouldn't work. It doesnt illuminate and buttons don't work. However the last radio station selected is still playing and the steering wheel controls work. Any ideas of a straight forward (inexpensive) way to sort this out?
  12. The front offside wing has gone on my facelift convertible. Been quoted £700 for new front wing and spray so a wing from the breakers would seem a more cost effective option.
  13. For a facelift convertible. Outside chance of there being one out there. However the rot has set in on the arch so thought I'd check if there was one about.
  14. It's an eBay special. There are a couple of guys on the forum sporting these now. The link I used doesn't work anymore. I'll see if I can find the seller.
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