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  1. I think your head light will come apart like the e46, retro fitting some CCFL ring shouldn't be a problem, your other option is upgrade the head lights. Very nice looking 330 as well, I recently got a 335i e93....
  2. A while back when I had my e46 I met a lad who lived in Andover that did Mapping/Coding etc, I never did get the e46 330 I had mapped and then sold it. Any one point me in his direction, that's if he is still around.. Thanks in Advance Steve
  3. F07GT Steve

    sub enclosure

    I have the 8" JL sub and custom box to go through the ski hatch with the backing plate behind in the boot to mount an amp on, came out of my 330 vert before I sold the car last year, the amps are not included £250
  4. front splitters, AC,s before she was sold
  5. Although my GT has the 8 speed trip-tronic with Sport and Sport Plus it did not have paddle shift as standard. Several months ago a friend upgraded his 2013 640M steering wheel for a M6 wheel and offered his old wheel for £200, I snapped this up and then spoke to Auto Tronics who did a diagnostic to confirm it was compatible. The car is now booked in for the retro fit, including software update on the gear box. Feeling like a big kid right now.....
  6. Very Nice,Very Clean and I like the colour.
  7. Any body shop should be able to do this for you, i had piano black in my 330 vert and it did look sweet with the red/black leather, i take it your getting the arm bits done as well.
  8. As i have a e60 530D as well,,,, just had the wheels re furbed. MK Motorsport 20",,, they were black with a silver lip but its time for a change
  9. All i know is i go through 2 sets of rear to one set of fronts on my e60 a year
  10. ITS THE REAR PASSENGER SIDE CARD THAT NEEDS REMOVING, YOU WILL FIND THE WIRES THERE I cant remember what colour the wires were,,,, but thats were i plumbed my amps etc from
  11. I Think you would be better off fitting your self, just make the time and you will be loads happier.
  12. this was just after the mods had been carried out and before the map. Custom exhaust straight through from the turbo, K&N filter, de-flapped And results after the map, carried out on a rolling road atRay West Tuning Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - 10-4 Out#Ooymm[emoji1]
  13. is that not nm and torque around 460ftlbs No, my true figures,,, I will search for the read out and post the pick. You can get very good gains with the 3.0d if it's done right 556lb/ft is 754Nm, which is not happening for a 3.0d single turbo with 289bhp? For comparison my E90 330d is running 291bhp & 602Nm Post your rolling road plot on here please... JUST NEED TO DO THIS,,,,,,,
  14. There good quolity, never has issues with them before
  15. He is right as in the wheel comes of so you can poke them out from behind, leave them out and purchase a set from ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-x-68mm-Wheel-Centre-Caps-Badges-Fits-BMW-E34-E36-E39-E46-E60-1-3-5-7-8-Series-/171754427702?hash=item27fd5c9536#ht_1985wt_923 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-68MM-WHEEL-CENTRE-CAPS-FITS-BMW-HUB-E34-E36-E39-E46-E60-1-3-5-7-Set-of-4-/191584714688?hash=item2c9b56bfc0#ht_2527wt_1161
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