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  1. front shouldnt have much problem in the way of clearance the rears need 235/35 if I remember correctly
  2. Syxx, when I picture an e46 M3 in conversation, my mind automatically chooses yours!
  3. tempcover.com or moneysupermarket do price comparison for 1 day cover too
  4. well done Syxx! So I take it the car is finally ready for you to sell it to me
  5. Don't think this will help hugely, but tbh i wasn't impressed with the power of my 330cd until I got it remapped
  6. If it hasnt had both thermostats replaced in recent years and takes a while to warm up, often they need replacing
  7. put some electrical tape around the prongs to thicken them up
  8. Personally I think it looks too maxpower. Plus points being the execution of the mods
  9. or you just stick a few m badges on. Whenever I see an e46 with m badges everywhere the owner usually assures me its running 300+ bhp
  10. i pretty much have exactly the same suspicions as Stu's 2nd point
  11. Already experiencing some racism in the wake of recent attacks.... What most people don't realise is, as muslims we hate ISIS more than most of the west, they have killed 100,000 of us over the last 2 years. Although I'm not mad or angry at the sheeple, if I were in their shoes and was subjected to the same information in the media, I would perhaps have similar thoughts. My rant is aimed at so called 'racist intellectuals'
  12. Hey Scarab, the 8 is looking rather tasty. I'm sorry to hear the hassle it's put you through. I think I may have just got quite lucky with mine in hindsight. Now that it's up to speed, I don't see you having much problem using it as a daily. I've also been doing 5000 miles a year for the last 2 years.
  13. not a bad shot at all, although quite an old pic:
  14. I was under the impression the 5 series have a different sized centrebore - so not a direct fit without spigot rings - worth checking before buying
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