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  1. lol. I'd of thought that as a novice they would of had traffic warning out for me but it was generally trucks and old people slowing me down! If there are people behind me and I see a chance for them to get by I indicate left but it's surprising how many people seem happy to follow! I know I wouldn't😉 Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks for the advice TriggerFish. Since posting I've had no more boost issues and done 1700 miles on holiday, towing the caravan for more than 1000 of that😀 Fingers crossed things will continue this way! Next job is to sort the rather tired suspension and get the 4 wheel tracking done. Car and caravan weren't as stable as I'd like. Had a massive snake 8 miles into the holiday trip😱 Cheers, gerg Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
  3. Hi, My 2003 e46 320d m47 Touring has been suffering from a very intermittent turbo boost issue. It's only happened a couple of times in the last 1000 miles. Basically I'm driving along and all of a sudden I go into a limp home mode, I have no boost, no errors on the dash and no matter how hard I put my foot down the instant MPG gauge doesn't drop like it usually does. As soon as I turn the ignition off and back on we're back to normal. The car has done 140k and I've done 60k of that. Serviced as per the indicator thing, driven quite hard and swirl flaps were done 30k ago. I had the codes read today on an Autologic A020691 BMW v3.153.0, Main v6.6.0: DDE d50m47b1 2 Faults 4191 Charge-air pressure actuator activation 4521 Charge-air pressure control, control deviation The garage also did a boost pressure test, see attached pic, and said that all looks ok. There suggestion is a new turbo even though they think it's likely to be the electronic actuator. Any thoughts please? It's shameful to admit it but I recently bought a caravan and will be towing it around for the next 3 weeks through some hilly terrain so can't afford to be down on power, especially with wife and baby in the car. I should add that I have lost boost once while towing, only towed twice, but that the problems started before the caravan! I'm based in Staffordshire. Thanks, Gerg
  4. Hi Neil, This is a bit off topic but I was wondering what stereo you fitted and whether the dimming function of the stereo worked properly when you switched the headlights on? I'm holding off from installing a Pioneer unit, same as the one pictured, for the reasons mentioned in my earlier post! I'm also holding off from installing a brand new until for the same reason. I'd love to hear how you got on and what unit you fitted. Thanks in advance Gerg
  5. Thanks B0B. I don't suppose you or anyone else has a link to where I can get the facia and trim from in the UK? Cheers Greg
  6. Hi DaveW, Great write up. I'm considering fitting the same unit, is it a DEH-P85BT?, to my 2003 320D. Would you be able to tell me if the unit dimmed properly when the lights were on? I haven't used the head unit for a few years but when I installed it into my 525 TDS it was far too bright at night, bordering on dangerously bright! Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers Greg
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