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  1. cheers daz - your loon is looking very ncie mate on the roll.
  2. not sure yet - depends if these sell - just missed out on some super RS's would would have killed it 9's front and 10's rear but wasn't to be. as jorge says - my 325i was a) auto and only 170hp - yet it drank like a fish and was so disconnected from driving it gave basically no feedback on brakes or steering etc. loverly barge for cruising but cack in town. the E36 is a better drivers car, the E30 better still IMO. Plus boot is bigger on vento, rear seats will go flat - and i can drop in a 300hp 20vt audi tt engine in a weekend for a couple of grand!! i doubt you could charge a 325 for that, or get close to 300hp.
  3. thanks mit! lol hate the bora - its f**king ugly as s**t! not missing the BM one bit - this is far better car to drive and get much more attention - which i love! lol
  4. Well guys those of you in the know, know i sold the old loon a few months back due to rising fuel costs etc and a marriage proposal and a wedding to now pay for in march next year. so thought i'd stick up pics of the new motor just because there prob no one on here for you to flame for wheel fitment since i left!! lol 1996 VW Vento 18 CL Flash Red Retro Fit Full Electrics FK Konigsport Coils (dampind adjustable) VR splitter Tinted lights 8x17 and 10x17 et35 Speedline Mistrals (OEM Astom Martin DB7 wheels) 195/40x17 falken 912 and 225/35 falken 452's (yes a 225 on a 10j) few other details still to come inclduing air con and leather and a re-spray when funds allow pics....
  5. watching on the bay. which engine is it? 115hp? 130hp?
  6. look fecking sweet as mate. you have to make this work. but running a 225/35 on a 10j is fine - haydon runs his touring in that format at negative -4 or -6ET's so his rim pokes about another 20mm or so than these. do it man - it will so be worth the effort.
  7. looks fecking sweet dude. sort the toe and the tyres will be fine man - its toe that kills tyres not camber.
  8. freaking awesome - deffo one of my top 3 cars on the site mate. keep up the good work and keep the updates coming.
  9. looks like it was a good meet. gutted i couldn't make it this time but had other commitments booked from about novmber last year! haydons touring is killing it static wise now - much betetr without that lip. and joshs air'd out loon looks super cool with the genuine facelift 'US spec' rear lenses and gottis!! will i make the next one in my own car? watch this space.
  10. freaking sweet dude. i love it. even the rims. but purple needs to be more purple - maybe the bmw technoviolet colour??
  11. Natedogg

    Dc11 !!

    DC09, DC190 and i suspect DC11 will be awesome. there were a few 'issues' raised by a few zoners (see above) but i really enjoyed the chilled atmosphere and wide variety of cars on display and thunk ther DC crew did a fansastic job. as for the access road - if i can get down there, abelt slowely, anyone can get down there!! x5pea - see you in June mate (stanceworks stand this time though)!!
  12. dude, buy my 3 piece BBS rims!! lol
  13. Josh - PM Haydon witht the sick silver 46 touring on 10j et-5 OZ Mitos - he has a roller and did his own with great success mate.
  14. colour combo is vile. wheels and tyre combo is good but needs to be a good 30mm lowers. only run stretched tryes if the car needs it for clearence - it looks gay with hugh arch gap as per that photo!!
  15. not adaptors - spigot rings - there about £10 for 4 off the bay - tiny bit of metal shim that fits over the centre location bore ran them on my loon with E39 wheels with no issues what so ever.
  16. lol. never knew you all cared so much. but yes, a big loss to the world of music in my opinion. RIP Nate
  17. Natedogg

    1999 323Ci Se

    oh balls. not good. ok mate. thanks for the update
  18. i do have to sell yes. but i can't advertise on here as not a subscriber and get told if i put for sale in my sig. there on stanceworks, edition etc.... PM me for info.
  19. Hayden's touring is running 10 x 17, 225/35 conti tyres at ET-1 now (the stance meet setup was ET6) so the above can be done but will need the arches rolled. He's on JOM coils and stock camber arms as well. do you mean the rear wishbone mount that bolts on that the wishbone interferance fits 'through'? these are crap on stock cars - polybush that and the anti roll bar - makes a massive difefrence when your low and can be done on the drive in a day or less.
  20. Natedogg

    1999 323Ci Se

    out of interest what did it fetch? might help me pitch my saloon with slush box next month when it goes on the bay. (PM me if you prefer)
  21. i've had a go in one of those (matt wilson was driving)!! bloody mad as a box of frogs. i'd had one for rarity alone even R35 skylines are common now (where i live anyway!)lol
  22. not me. missus has lost job and i've got rent to pay. can't advertise on here though, not that there most peoples cup of tea anyway, as i'm not a subscriber so shall say no more before i get in trouble. but if anybody is interested PM me. (hope thats ok sam)
  23. s**t. looks like these might be up for sale.....
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