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  1. The company I work for sell both products, the tech guys always recommend Bitdefender. The support from BD is a lot better too.
  2. So after having a wheel crack the 3rd time this year, I’m finally biting the bullet and buying aftermarket wheels, in particular a brand called AVA (also Avant Garde). Just wondered if anyone has heard of them, had any experience of them or anything please? As a note, the wheel I’m looking at is the Memphis in 19” staggered so they should be as close as OEM size (E92 330i) and seem to suit the shape of the car IMO. TIA
  3. For the 306 (coming from 2 gti6’s) there are a few options for more power including supercharging with some running over 300bhp. Low boost gives 220-250ish in a car that weighs a little over a tonne.
  4. Good luck dude, I’ve just had to replace two front tyres and get a wheel repaired, cost around £600 for everything and the council has come back with compensation totalling £83?!
  5. Well I for one was able to get loads of essays/dissertations and other stuff done, thanks e46zone
  6. No worries, the offer is always there unless bits get sold
  7. If you’re anywhere near west London, I have a mk4 set up (without the drive) you can try to work out which part of yours may be broken. Dee
  8. Yup, for my e46 that got written off a few years back. Panicked and thought it was for the e90
  9. I have a mk4 and the cage that goes in the rear if that's of any help?
  10. Mk2 Orion 1.6 LX 1987 in moonstone blue - back in 1997 when I was let loose on the public highways
  11. Nice purchase. word of warning, I paid over the odds for a dealer car due to the warranty.....biggest load of BS ever. everytime I've been in with an issue, they've never been able to replicate it or claim the issue wouldn't be covered due to wear and tear! Oh and to be told that simply reading error codes automatically clears them and resets the car to default was the last straw! in the end, a friendly email to BMW UK seemed to sort out the main issue (6 injectors to be replaced!) and now that the warranty has expired I'm happier because I can now work on the car without an worry! Hopefully you have fault free driving
  12. Stick the keyfob in, hit the start button without holding the brake but the accelerator instead for 30 seconds, after that time start the car as normal (so move foot off accelerator peddle straight to brake), worked fine for me.
  13. My 2003 oe Bluetooth worked fine with my iPhone 6, still have the modules if retrofit is on the cards.
  14. Got INPA and a DCAN cable for the e92 330i. I reset the throttle adaptation (with the car turned off) but now when the car starts, the revs hunt and I have various warnings including reduced power - have I screwed the car or can I sort this? If so can anyone point me to how? I get 3 errors (all in German) but seem to point to the throttle valve. Thanks, Dee
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