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  1. Tourer failed the mot last week Offside front calliper(old age) Offside front tyre had split in it Not too bad So had 2x Avons ZV5 fitted to match the recent rears I had put on New calliper and brake pads fitted Plus a Hunter alignment 12 months new ticket and drives really nice again Also had a nice comment about the car from the mechanic👌🏻
  2. I've got BIlsteins and eibach pro kit combo on my touring No complaints at all
  3. Put it in for a much needed oil/filter change,also a engine flush at National tyres Happy with the service and car seems to be happy too😎
  4. Finally fitted a new radiator and fan switch in the old girl this weekend The old one was like a banana
  5. 1988 Ford Fiesta XR2 in black,absolutely loved it.apart from the rather costly insurance premium
  6. Replaced both rear tyres Went with Avons ZZ5's(255/35/18)so far very happy with them
  7. Kerbed my n/s/f alloy this morning bad Then did it again while pulling off,half asleep Not a good start to the day
  8. My touring failed the mot last Tuesday,nothing unsual there The good news was it was only on a front flexi brake hose Got 2 advisories tho,the rear brake lines need doing before next mot and a slight inner edge wear on one of the rear tyres So pretty happy with that,as its 16 years old and has 144k on the clock Had the handbrake adjusted while it was it the garage too,it actually nice to have a handbrake that works properly again😎
  9. Dreaded rot,and my air con is out of action(blocked drain tubes)
  10. That's fair enough,I only drove it for 15 mins,but it made me smile(quite a lot)
  11. Yes,I was just gobsmacked how quick and smooth it was compared to how my car drives i know it's a completely different engine but Christ it left it left me thinking I want one of these bad😎
  12. He is looking at getting it mapped,tbh it would be plenty quick enough for me
  13. My mate purchased his new car today BMW e90 335d msport saloon Had to reluctantly give him back his keys after having a drive in it,the way it pulls was incredible,power delivery was so smooth,enjoyed it being an auto too When it's time to upgrade my old e46,one of these will be on my list
  14. Have a look a Cobra backbox £206,this is what I was going to put on mine until I decided to blow the money on brakes for my mtb
  15. That's does look good Need a video now to see how loud it is😎
  16. Cool Was looking at getting one for my 328 look forward to seeing what it looks like fitted and more importantly how it sounds and performs😎
  17. Exact symptoms I had recently on my 328 Turned out ccv failure Had it replaced and the car is running perfect again
  18. Just ordered ccv kit for my smokey touring and also a oil filter housing gasket All to be fitted Saturday
  19. Done this mod to my e46 328 last year Best mod you can do to these engine Made a huge difference in the way it drives now,revs so much harder above 3-5 k to the redline Had it on the dyno and it made 203bhp,my only other mod is simota cai A must mod imo Want some headers and cat back exhaust next
  20. Hi rich

    i'll have a set of valve caps off you mate if you have some left

    Graham Wright

    5 Zura Avenue


    GL3 4BN


    1. RichS


      DM'd you, dude:)

  21. I got my mate to replace them on my 328,also got mine from beisan too After installing them I found it drove much better,more low end torque and mpg also went up and it cured my cold idle problem too(would hunt quite badly until warm) so in all well worth doing
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