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  1. Nope, afraid not. My threads were fine, so I just reused an old bolt off my previous E46 (since replaced with new BMW parts, although I forgot to copper grease them when I fitted them last week!)
  2. When this happened to me, we (well, my dad!): used a hacksaw to cut the bolt in two (through the slot in the clampy thing). Then, luckily, there was enough of the thread without the head sticking out that he was able to weld a nut onto that. I was then able to remove the rest of the bolt (after it had been cut - it's not threaded all the way) out the other end of the clamp using the new nut. If there's not enough thread sticking out for that though, then... As someone that hates drilling anything (bolts especially), welding would be my prefered option. Good luck whatever you do!
  3. Fixed my front end knocking (drop links), refitted the HSDs to the front (I'd forgotten how comical they are on their stiffest mode!), gave it an oil change, and discovered during all this that the xenon level sensor was broken, so fixed that, and that the front brake hoses were perished, so replaced those too. I think it's needs to be lower at the front though, despite the fact I was happy with that ride height on them on my last E46...
  4. Refitted my HSDs from my last 330 to the rear. I no longer scrape getting out of the work car park! (Although I suspect it will do once the fronts are on, as I think they're set lower than the apex's that are on atm.) Today I hovered the inside as it had got disgusting. Dust and bits of plant everywhere. The downside of parking with the roof open I guess!
  5. Not for the outside temperature - that's in one of the wheel arches. (Passenger side, IIRC)
  6. Remove the side light for a bit, and drive with the xenons on - should remove the condensation. I had this for a while with one of mine too - it had a couple of days of being intermittent, and then has been fine for months since. I think it's the ballast (or ignitor) that's at fault in these situations.
  7. New forum software Aug '17

    It is much faster to use than it used to be though - at least extracting data/photos is quicker! I wonder if anyone's automated it yet to systematically pull/upload somewhere else...
  8. New forum software Aug '17

    Yay, https... On a serious note, good stuff - it does look slicker if nothing else (not been on much recently). Photobucket's recent ransomware has seen my use of forums in general decline (along with other reasons), and I wonder if others feel the same way...
  9. E46 320 D gearbox swap 5spd to 6spd

    I'd have thought that the cost would outweigh any fuel savings, unless you needed to do the clutch/flywheel anyway? Lower revs and less noise however - they're always good things! You might find it cheaper to change just the diff, depending on if you're just looking to reduce cruising rpm, rather than any attachment to the number 6 itself
  10. Maybe the wrong word. Like the e46 ones where it's a big spread of water and not just one or two streams
  11. I agree - mine seemed to suffer from heatsoak in the hotter weather, or after a few pulls on dual carriageway. Quite noticeable somewhere like Milton Keynes with a lot of low speed acceleration. My old 184bhp version suffered too - esp. in the Alps. I can remember it was pretty dead by the end of the Stelvio Pass (as were the brakes!). I think finding space to mount them would be the biggest problem - it's likely going to be easier to use some fan-style windscreen washers as they're a lot smaller and don't need the same pressure.

    Good luck! I've always had good results with Bridgestones on BMWs.

    i've got vredestein ultrac sessanta tyres on the front of mine, and it's awful. I'm willing them to wear out (even if my bank account isn't right now!) It's twitchy, generally unpleasant to drive at anything above 55mph and requires a fair degree of bravery to take on a motorway at speed. It weaves around the lane badly too. This happened as soon as I switched from my winters, (and was the same when I had these wheels on my last e46 too). My point? My front tyres are ruining my car. Might be worth trying some others on yours?
  14. Wedding car

    I spotted the baur due to the flowers (don't get why they get so much hate when the real convertible looks so weird with the roof up...) I remember your thread about the hartage badges from e30zone too. You just need the engine to suit now
  15. Wedding car

    Nice family story! Mine was just helping a friend on a budget after he failed to finish the mk1 Golf GTI resto project his wife bought him as an engagement present! e30-2 by Joe Alford, on Flickr