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  1. Guibo (AKA Flex Disc) info..

    You'll often find the same with Lemforder parts too - same markings/moudlings etc, inc. the space for the BMW logo. I've ordered paper gaskets from BMW in the past, and had 'Elring' (I think it was Elring anyway) parts arrive - gaskets with Elring wrriten all over them. No attempt at all to disguise the fact either.
  2. Coupe front windows

    Free fix is always good! (Just as long as it doesn't re-occur!) My sister's MINI did this a few times when I've borrowed it off her, but it was never an ongoing problem. It's been sold to an old school friend of mine, and it's fine for her too (so far as I know!), so I'd just put it down as one of those things for now
  3. They're hard work get in to/out off those i8s aren't they? With the high sills, low car, and small down opening, I found it a bit awkward - and that's as a slim 25 year old! I can't imagine it's any easier for the more elderly market I'd guess these are aimed at! Mine was rejected for the health check as it was 'too low for the ramps'.
  4. Coupe front windows

    Does opening it trigger/cancel the interior light (or the light on the dashboard?). I'm wondering if the sensor/switch to tell it the door is open has failed?
  5. No worries - they're not causing me a problem. Sorry to hear about the foot too! I'm never really over Tring way, but if I find myself in that direction any time soon, I'll drop you a text so I can drop them with you.
  6. Scrapped it, at last. Good bye old friend (or something like that). And finally worked out an (undignified) way to move the old exhaust pipe...
  7. Airbag light annoyance.

    If that is the case, I happen to have a spare from my old 2002 (facelift) saloon
  8. Airbag light annoyance.

    My understanding was that the airbag ECU is a single use thing, and will likely need to be replaced. I could be wrong, but I'm 90% that's the case. Whenever any SRS fault appears on the dash, it will need to be reset with a scanning tool (It's not self clearing like engine/ABS etc. faults). When you do this, you should be able to see if it goes out, or if the unit will need to be replaced.
  9. Turbo Charged build thread...

    Awesome stuff! Are you making the manifolds yourself?
  10. It's chav-tastic... (But so fun at the same time)
  11. e46 options, the rare ones

    I have the sun blind So much more useful at night than it is any other time - esp. with all these big fake 4x4s shining in my mirror! Leather dash/extended leather, rear door airbags and booster seats must be some of the rarest. I don't imagine there's too many with lumbar support either (I have this - really improves the seats!)
  12. LED Headlight bulbs

    Depends on the type. I've got the cheapy ~£1-2 eBay specials in my full beam as DRLs (bi-xenons do the full beam). They're terrible. They struggle to light up a number plate in a street lit road from a couple of meters away. For making me visible in daylight, they seem to do the job. The newer CREE ones for £30+ might be a different matter though.
  13. First '46

    Actually, did I give you a gearbox for the '02? I'm sure I gave one to someone with a 2002 Touring who was rebuilding it for track use. You have a Volvo estate at the time? If so - it went to a great home, by the looks of things! If that was you, how does the e46 compare to the Volvo? I was looking at the Volvo range to replace my last 330d, but decided against it in the end. Hopefully I made the right choice!
  14. First '46

    Love that '02! <3