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  1. Help with repair quote

    From experience (without a ramp), the rear diff estimate seems pretty good to me - especially if, like mine, the rear subframe has welded itself to the chassis, and doesn't drop off! The rest seem longer than I'd expect from a garage, personally. Can't comment on labour charges, as I never pay them
  2. Turbo Charged build thread...

    I wonder what the fueling and stuff is doing? I guess that's all over the place? Great news that it fired up though - you must have been pleased! Well done!
  3. 330d Air Filter Housing Removal

    Inlet manifold and injectors both need to come out. Possibly other surrounding bits too. There's videos of the e39 (5 series) being lifted up by the injectors, as they're so seized into the block. If you can find an alternative way, I'd go with that! You can get fairly good access from memory from removing the EGR feed pipe (that wraps around the front of the engine), the mechanical fan + shroud, and the inlet pipe from the MAF sensor. Not sure if it's enough to change a turbo or not though, but it's an easy piece of disassembly, so well worth doing if it makes the job easier.
  4. Bleeding Cooling System

    There's also (on my 330d at least) two plastic screws on the coolant pipes - one on the large pipe where it joins the radiator/expansion tank, and other on one of the pipes onto the engine block. Undo those a little way, and water will (hopefully) come out. If not, then there's air in the system. I don't know how many there on a 316, but if you chase the pipes around, you should be able to see them. Look like this:
  5. Coding for auto mirror fold in

    I think you can, yes, but I don't know if you'd need to add seat memory too. I wouldn't like to say yes and mislead anyone - it's been a long time since I knew this stuff
  6. Turbo Charged build thread...

    All impressive work, but that clutch! <3
  7. Coding for auto mirror fold in

    Not so much a case of having the wrong module, but not having any module at all I believe any GM5 can support it, but not without the right modules being present for the mirrors.
  8. Joe's E30 325i Sport - new engine started!

    Not really added to this, largely as the forum has got more quiet (thanks, Facebook), and largely as there's nothing to report as it's been SORN since June, when the MOT/insurance/tax ran out, and I ran out of funds to renew them due to moving house. Since I've recovered financially, it's been winter time, so I left it off the road with a view to getting it back out in the spring. Since I've had it, the brakes have worked, but have always lacked feel/immediacy compared to a more modern car, and I don't like this. I trust them to stop me, but they've not as pleasant to drive with as the E46. I found a similar thing with my old Polo GTI, which was cured nicely with some 4 piston brakes up front. To that end, enter stage: RX-7 front 4 piston brakes, combined with VW Golf mk2 G60 (or Corado G60) 280mm brake discs. With the brackets, they bolt straight on, pretty much. Only a trial fit for now, as I need to hook up the brake hoses, sort out the backing plate, which had to be cut back to house the bigger caliper carrier, and I need to order the correct size spacers. I'm hopeful it'll add some feel though. Internet reports that the 4 smaller pistons have nearly the same area as the single large one in the stock caliper, so it shouldn't mess with brake bias or need new MCs or anything. We'll see... And this makes me glad that I bought a couple of sets of spare wheels for standing the car up on during periods of non-use - no wonder I kept stalling it last time I tried to pull it out of the garage!
  9. Coding for auto mirror fold in

    From memory (and based on it not working on my neighbour's car when I tried for him the other week) you need folding mirrors AND memory seats/mirrors for the folding on the key to work. You need to make trace changes to the GM5 to tell it to fold on lock, and also on each of the mirror modules themselves.
  10. Can you get it on INPA when it's not starting? See if the values all look normal? Alternatively, the trick I found for mine was unplugging the fuel rail pressure sensor would allow it to eventually falter into life. Might be worth trying, as it would point to a problem with the fuelling causing the non-start, rather than anything else like a cam/crank sensor...
  11. Photo bucket p500 message

    Ha, awesome, thanks! Installed, and time to print build thread to PDF...
  12. That said, I did update it anyway, and to a different photo too (from when I drove a friend to his wedding... ooooh! the excitement!)
  13. Meh... Let the world know photobucket ruined the internet. Greedy capitalist douches! I've got winter wheels, but they need tyres... Yours are 18s though, aren't they?
  14. There's going to be a lot of them reaching this state about now as age catches up with them. I found it quite liberating in a way when my old one got like this. I drove it into a wall trying to get it into the garage and damaged both doors. Who cares? I reversed it into a crash barrier (ironically) and damaged the rear bumper/smashed the rear light. Who cares? I used it as a test for arch rolling (rather than damaging a friend's good arches) and destroyed them. Who cares? Until it stopped starting and getting me to work and back, it was great just to bumble around in, not caring about it. If I were you Suf, I'd either keep it running until it dies/the bill to fix it gets too big, or go to the other extreme and spunk some money on something lovely and new (and then watch it depreciate...).
  15. About my e46 320

    The expansion tank, where the coolant is put into