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  1. Needs a bit more drop as you said but I like it looks nice.
  2. I'd go with a 40 profile, /35 on 18 = horrible ride. Style 32 has a nice dish without lowering looks a bit odd thats why I used 205/40 front and 215/40 rear.
  3. Finally a style 32 with coilover it will be awesome.
  4. Top work, love the carbon parts engine bay looks awesome now.
  5. Just take your time and wait for the right one.
  6. Yes, always wanted an M3,a few weeks ago found a nice one and bought her straigh away. Good guess. I'm not a fan of the E9* I'm a bit old school, love the e46 shape and the e46 M3 is one of the best car I ever had.
  7. Car has been sold today, ready for the next chapter......
  8. A bit girly for me but the black interior looks a lot better than the grey.
  9. I love M Parallel looks very nice, although I prefer the 7 series bit more dish on the back.
  10. Just because it's 40 profile doesn't "more comfy". It's the actual height of the sidewall that's important. 255/35 has a 89.25mm sidewall, and a 225/40 has 90mm 'wall. OK, so 0.75mm may make a small difference but not as much as increasing the profile to keep the overall tyre diameter the same when going from (say) 18s to 17s - ie 225/40x18 = 90mm sidewall, 225/45x17 = 101.25mm. I said 255/35 is the standard but I meant 225/40 is better than the same 225 but with 35 profile. Only this year I had more than 6 sets of wheels so I also know the maths
  11. I had 225/35 first on 19x9.5j and than tried 235/35 and still no rubbing. 235 looks better 225 was a bit extreme. Mine is et25 tho.
  12. I prefer the short stubby, looks better than the OEM.
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