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  1. Just for reference incase anyone else needs to know! They do fit
  2. Someone said they're different mounts on petrol cars but all the same on diesels. Anyway I've a spare standard exhaust from my old 330d touring so he's taking that to try fit it on his coupe so see what happens!
  3. Morning! I have a 330d touring with decat down pipe and standard rest of the system. My mate has a 330cd with decat down pipe and a custom stainless cat back. He's selling the coupe and has offered me the exhaust for my standard in return.. will it fit? Had mixed opinions of yes and no.. the only difference I can see is the coupe is 10mm longer overall but I don't know where it's longer front end or rear) Could do with a definite answer please from someone that knows! Cheers!
  4. I'm wondering if it might be water or moisture getting in somewhere as we've has some heavy rain over the last week! Yeah ill leave mine disconnected over night one night see if it helps.
  5. Hi all. I've got a 330cd with memory seats and powerfold mirrors. Ribbon type wiring. I used the car at the weekend and after about a mile the mirrors started moving about on their own. I tried to move them using the door switch but whichever way I tried to move them they went a completely different way. Powerfold wouldn't work either. Left car off for abit and worked ok again for abit, fold worked too. Then it all started again. Someone told me it would be the switch at fault so I unplugged that, but didn't stop the problem. I've been moving the mirror with my hand as im driving, Then the drivers side llikes to keep looking at the floor lol. Disconnected battery for an hour, no change. Spoke to someone with same issue plus other gremlins, he said he removed all his leds (ie reverse lights, plate lights, side lights) and all the problems went so something to do with interfering with canbus even though he had canbus bulbs. I've tried all that but mine have stopped working all together now. The switch on the door does nothing, dead as a dodo. The seats work perfectly, but when pressing your memory setting the mirrors don't move at all as they would usually go back to saved position. At a loss now, don't know where to go from here. Tempted to pull fuse 57 for the mirrors lol. Plugged my car into bmw carly last night and there were these codes for Any ideas? Cheers.
  6. Cheers aamir! But yes I sold the car back in May to a friend of mine. He then sold it on in august and I think it's in Wales now! . Still looks the exact same as when you saw it though. I made a mistake of buying a honda civic type r to replace it which I regretted after about a week so I've bought a 330cd now lol. Just on with making it my own now I should start another thread but I never keep up to them I never have time haha.
  7. Dooge this looks lovely mate! I've just got a silver grey 330cd and I've owned an imola one also. Unsure which colour I prefer atm but probably red! If you get to the bottom of the window going all the way down when you open the door then back up when you close it let me know as mine does the same lol.
  8. Cheers dsport! I might take you up on that when I get them lol. Unsure on the wiring too! Is it straight forward enough? When you fit the hids did you drill the hole for the wires in the back of the light? I've got the hids I'm planning on fitting them this weekend! Cheers.
  9. Nice one. That seller of the hids has sold out of h7s but there's plenty on ebay so ill just get some cheap ones! Located in Silsden, West Yorkshire, yourself?
  10. Cheers damo! Take it the ones in mine are the same as yours.. They look the same to me! Are these coupes H7? Sorry for being a noob lol. Never had to do anything with my last coupe it was already all done lol. Cheers
  11. This things awesome mate! I just picked up a silver grey 330cd last night and looking forward to getting on with nodding. What angel eye and hid kit did you use mate? Mine doesn't have xenons just halogens and they're pants in the dark lol. Also, what sort of job was it to split the lights? I know on the tourings and saloons the front just clips on.. is it sane on coupes or are they sealed? Use heat gun or oven to heat and split? Cheers mate, keep up the good work!
  12. Ahh ok mate! I was pretty sure it used to on my 330cd and I know for sure it comes on in my mum's 320d as that's what made me notice mine didn't! Ha
  13. Evening all. As title says, my 330d has no engine management light.. I've had the car 2 years and only just noticed! Ha. The car drives faultless but I'm just curious! I did the needles red on the cluster and added silver rings so I checked to see if the light had been covered.. It hasn't. So I then did the cluster check where it brings all the lights on and the EML illuminated! So, the light works but doesn't illuminate pre ignition? Any ideas? Cheers carl.
  14. That's some good mpg mate! My old man has just got an e90 330d touring. Only gets around 39mpg as opposed to 50 odd from his old e46 330d! Changed stats etc and it's still same.
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