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  1. Okay, I’ve been pretty polite up to now but you’ve gone too far now and admitted that you have been far from helpful. Suppose you think you’ll have won when I say that I’m cancelling membership of this forum but you haven’t, it’s just that life’s too short to have to bother with ***** like you, so I will simply say that I wish you the worst you total f**king w****r!
  2. ...yes, I agree and it looks like this is the answer for me as it ticks all of my originally stated requirements.....and not too much of a hardship to press a button to switch to answer a call So thanks, and certainly reassuring, so it looks like I'm almost certainly going to go with the GROM based on that info
  3. Thanks for most of your input. As for your comment about momo, despite what you say about him being “ respected “, he was insulting and rude to me in his reply so I don’t find that acceptable and he is therefore still an as****e as far as I’m concerned unless he’s big enough to apologise. Regarding your own technical explanation that has helped to clarify things to a greater extent, so thanks for that. Interestingly through continued researching/ shopping I’ve found a further possible solution - Grom BT3? 🤔 -although I need to find out just how good the quality is ( mostly for the phone call aspect) so I may well get shot down in flames but it does seem to provide the answer to my original question about achieving both phone and music access through existing oem HU using multifunction steering wheel controls - and basic unit is £130 via Amazon so neither expensive or cheap. I’m wondering of course why this hasn’t been mentioned as a viable solution so far, but perhaps its fairly new to the market?
  4. ......yes, shame really, but I guess some people just get the wrong end of the stick......hopefully😈....😂
  5. 😂 He’d lose - really I promise - but seriously all I wanted was some positive advice and info and then an a******e with an attitude like that comes along and tries to sidetrack the issue entirely and just doesn’t offer anything useful, just abuse 🙄. Ultimately it’s something that I’d like to find out about but can easily live without - it ( and he) are really not that important 😈
  6. I didn’t ask or want your opinion on what I wanted, just whether what I wanted could be achieved - plain and simple - now, and in view of your attitude, I think your comments are unwarranted and unwanted so please leave this thread to those willing to provide what I’m actually asking for okay?
  7. Thanks for trying to clarify that a little, but I’d still like to assess the technical details of that option so that I can decide whether it’s worthwhile to me personally. Cost and complexity are both aspects for me to consider but I can’t do that without knowing what’s involved. As for BT obsolescence through what momo and yourself allude to presumably being future Apple software updates (?) then that’s an unknown quantity of course, although still a risk factor I myself may well be prepared to accept. So in short, I’d like to know what’s involved in installing such an option in terms of what BT module type/s and connection method if anyone can provide that? Also id simply like to know if this BT option is the only OEM-type solution open, as seems to be the case now I think 🤔. i.e. is there no hard wire solution for physically plugging an iPhone in to connect up to the steering wheel controls?
  8. No idea what you’re talking about and in any case I’m not interested in aftermarket stuff, just want to know if and how I can connect an iPhone 6 - mostly for hands free and using existing HU and steering wheel controls.
  9. Thanks for offering a solution and funnily enough my wife’s E46 saloon has an Alpine head unit in it which was in it when we bought that 6 years ago and it has a iphone/iPod connector in the glovebox ( which is useful, but too awkward a location imo); so I totally understand that it provides a straightforward solution for my own Coupe also. Unfortunately I’m not a big fan of that look though and so i want to keep the original oem head unit. Since my posting I have discovered that it is reasonably easy to connect an adapter in place of the cd connection at the rear of the head unit which would sort the music side of it ( although the 6 cd facility i can easily live with anyway ). So I suppose what I’m really wanting more than anything else is to be able to link and integrate my iPhone 6 with the multifunction steering wheel controls. Again, since posting, my research has shown that all slightly later models had a Bluetooth module fitted ( even if not connected up on all models) which provided such a facilty - from what I understand so far anyway? So I’m now trying to find out if I can retrofit a BMW Bluetooth module to provide my desired iPhone hands free facilty? If this also provides access to my iPhone music as well then that would be an added bonus. Whilst I appreciate that there are various aftermarket hands free kits available ( such as Parrot), I do really want the oem look in conjunction with the steering wheel controls. Thanks again for offering an alternative solution nonetheless👏.
  10. Hi I’ve just purchased a 2002 330Ci (Aug build date) with the business head unit and cassette ( so NOT with satnav) with 6 cd in the boot. I’ve just replaced the standard multifunction steering wheel with an M3 SMG multifunction wheel ( not sure if that’s significant or not but thought I ought to mention it in case it provides any other ICE connection improvements/ complications with the different slip ring). Apologies since I expect this has been covered before but my head is spinning after trying a few searches so I’m hoping some kind soul with the technical knowledge can help to clarify and point me in the right direction please? Ideally want to be able to make/ receive calls and use the appropriate steering wheel buttons for this if possible, or best alternative connection. If I can also access the music on my iPhone that’s a real bonus - but at least I have the 6 Cd otherwise. I’m not especially competent with electrics although my son-in-law is and could probably do whatever is necessary but he’s very busy work wise and has my two grandkids. So if there’s a simply DIY solution that I can do do much the better. I presume that professional ICE shops like Road Radio wouldn’t be interested in something like this as it isn’t very profitable or I’d happily pay them a reasonable fee for fitting something like this? Thanks in advance for any solutions that you can provide👍
  11. Hi, I have a 2000 E46 330i saloon which still has the original Professional radio/ cassettte head unit and also the 6CD changer in the boot. Are the installations for the Business units the same for the Professional please? I want both BT and an iPod/ iPhone connection for handsfree and music, so this looks like what I'm looking for hopefully I'm not particularly technical with electrics, but do have a son-in-law who is and will fit it if I buy the necessary bits - so could somebody also tell me which are the best/ right parts needed for my car and head unit please? Regards, Tony
  12. Many thanks guys, that's really helpful, all quite straightforward then it seems if there's no existing link available. I was mainly asking because I thought that there was likely to be an existing dormant connection to the wiring loom. i.e. Simply included on all looms at the factory for all cars, with or without electric seats, etc. as I'm sure BMW would want to save on their costs by using just one standard loom?
  13. Hi, I have a 2000 330i SE and would really like to change the standard seats to leather electrically operated ones. However, since I'm not sure if the wiring is, ideally, already there (somewhere?) as part of the existing wiring loom, or whether I would need to arrange a separate feed? Can anyone advise if this is a fairly straightforward/viable project please? Thanks in advance. Tony
  14. I've read and researched this as much as I can, but I can't seem to find a definitive answer for UK models anywhere. The main reason I'm trying to find this out is because I'm planning on buying another E46 330i fairly soon and want to avoid a repeat episode of the failure on my wife's 2000 330i which required its ZF to be rebuilt (costing £2200) due to an internal clutch failure. The ZF boxes are renown to have mainly no-reverse issues too (covered in the following forum - http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=706809 ) - this article also includes dates for the changeover to all models, where applicable, BUT ONLY IN THE US market. Since it only applies to the US market it may not necessarily apply to the UK since BMW, in their wisdom, don't always make global changes for all cars simultaneously, if at all. I am aware that the GM has a different no-reverse issue but it can often be a more reparable/ cost effective option. I am also aware that you can find out what type of box your car has by using the following website and tool - http://www.realoem.com/bmw/select.do - but you do need to know the individual VIN No to do that in the first place, which is no good when you're looking to buy a car. What's really needed is a definitive list for the changeover in the UK market - similar to the US one mentioned above providing dates when the ZF boxes were discontinued and the GM ones introduced (e.g. From 03/2003 in the US) then that would make it much easier to find a car with the later GM box. I'm sure BMW have one somewhere, but I was unsuccessful in obtaining that from them when I tried! Anybody know of such a list for UK cars then?
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