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  1. Thanks so much for putting this matter to bed. As you say I don’t know where I got the idea from but obviously it was wrong and the location is definitely and definitively where you and others have said all along. Now that the weather is improving ( for now at least) I’ll be getting it done and thanks also for the tips about access and the universal joint socket. 👍
  2. Thanks, but my question is really regarding other information I have read/ seen which advised that earlier pre-facelift models had the horns located behind the grille in front of the radiator. I also seem to recall seeing one unclear photo of them there - although I don't remember where now having spent ages trawling around - but it wasn't definitive I'll admit and perhaps may even have been a different model) - though there is a general location diagram on realoem.com which does show it behind the grille for my earlier model year) If that's wrong then obviously it's definitely where you and most of the other posts I read have stated. Once the weather improves I'll sort it, but I was hoping to confirm the location was where I'd hoped since it would be much easier to access (although why BMW would change to a more awkward location on later models doesn't really make sense - but then more illogical things have happened than that, and BMW changed making it easy for DIY decades ago, no doubt to provide the stealers with more hours of maintenance work ) One thing you might be able to help with though please. Assuming they're to the left and right of the lower arch liners, do you know which side the high and low tone horns are please? It will obviously be better for me to order the correct one before removing the liner to find out which part number it is. I can't tell which one is still working but it sounds pathetic on its own. Thanks again. Tony
  3. Hi, I am having trouble locating the above after searching online in various places/forums/ parts websites (even YouTube) but to no definitive avail. My car is a December 2002 model and although I understand the location of the horns on the later models are behind the front bumper area, I also read a couple of vague comments and also saw on a BMW parts diagram (though that was general and not a full diagram) that the earlier models are located behind the front grill? It's too cold, dark and wet right now to try and see if this is true so it would be good to know if anyone can confirm this please? Only one of my existing horns (high or low tone) isn't working so I expect one needs replacing ( assuming it's not a fuse or relay ).
  4. Many thanks for all the responses - at least I now know and hope it will also help anybody else wanting the same information should the question arise again.
  5. That's unfortunate, thanks for responding - at least I now know what needs to be done if I decide to go that route.
  6. Hi, I fitted electric leather sport seats to my Oct 2002 coupe a year ago to replace my standard SE electric seats. They also included heated elements in the seats which my original ones didn't, so if the wiring loom behind the DSC switch includes pre-wiring for heated seats then I will only have to buy the switch unit for the seats and DSC (as per photo) and I will have heated seats as well hopefully! I admit to being a bit lazy here as I know the easiest way to check is to remove all the centre console bits to access that area, but it is a bit of a palaver and I would rather only have to do it once rather check it's there (or not), put it all back, then buy the required switch unit and repeat the process ! Am really hoping it's there with winter round the corner and would appreciate hearing from anyone who knows please?
  7. Okay, I’ve been pretty polite up to now but you’ve gone too far now and admitted that you have been far from helpful. Suppose you think you’ll have won when I say that I’m cancelling membership of this forum but you haven’t, it’s just that life’s too short to have to bother with ***** like you, so I will simply say that I wish you the worst you total f**king w****r!
  8. ...yes, I agree and it looks like this is the answer for me as it ticks all of my originally stated requirements.....and not too much of a hardship to press a button to switch to answer a call So thanks, and certainly reassuring, so it looks like I'm almost certainly going to go with the GROM based on that info
  9. Thanks for most of your input. As for your comment about momo, despite what you say about him being “ respected “, he was insulting and rude to me in his reply so I don’t find that acceptable and he is therefore still an as****e as far as I’m concerned unless he’s big enough to apologise. Regarding your own technical explanation that has helped to clarify things to a greater extent, so thanks for that. Interestingly through continued researching/ shopping I’ve found a further possible solution - Grom BT3? 🤔 -although I need to find out just how good the quality is ( mostly for the phone call aspect) so I may well get shot down in flames but it does seem to provide the answer to my original question about achieving both phone and music access through existing oem HU using multifunction steering wheel controls - and basic unit is £130 via Amazon so neither expensive or cheap. I’m wondering of course why this hasn’t been mentioned as a viable solution so far, but perhaps its fairly new to the market?
  10. ......yes, shame really, but I guess some people just get the wrong end of the stick......hopefully😈....😂
  11. 😂 He’d lose - really I promise - but seriously all I wanted was some positive advice and info and then an a******e with an attitude like that comes along and tries to sidetrack the issue entirely and just doesn’t offer anything useful, just abuse 🙄. Ultimately it’s something that I’d like to find out about but can easily live without - it ( and he) are really not that important 😈
  12. I didn’t ask or want your opinion on what I wanted, just whether what I wanted could be achieved - plain and simple - now, and in view of your attitude, I think your comments are unwarranted and unwanted so please leave this thread to those willing to provide what I’m actually asking for okay?
  13. Thanks for trying to clarify that a little, but I’d still like to assess the technical details of that option so that I can decide whether it’s worthwhile to me personally. Cost and complexity are both aspects for me to consider but I can’t do that without knowing what’s involved. As for BT obsolescence through what momo and yourself allude to presumably being future Apple software updates (?) then that’s an unknown quantity of course, although still a risk factor I myself may well be prepared to accept. So in short, I’d like to know what’s involved in installing such an option in terms of what BT module type/s and connection method if anyone can provide that? Also id simply like to know if this BT option is the only OEM-type solution open, as seems to be the case now I think 🤔. i.e. is there no hard wire solution for physically plugging an iPhone in to connect up to the steering wheel controls?
  14. No idea what you’re talking about and in any case I’m not interested in aftermarket stuff, just want to know if and how I can connect an iPhone 6 - mostly for hands free and using existing HU and steering wheel controls.
  15. Thanks for offering a solution and funnily enough my wife’s E46 saloon has an Alpine head unit in it which was in it when we bought that 6 years ago and it has a iphone/iPod connector in the glovebox ( which is useful, but too awkward a location imo); so I totally understand that it provides a straightforward solution for my own Coupe also. Unfortunately I’m not a big fan of that look though and so i want to keep the original oem head unit. Since my posting I have discovered that it is reasonably easy to connect an adapter in place of the cd connection at the rear of the head unit which would sort the music side of it ( although the 6 cd facility i can easily live with anyway ). So I suppose what I’m really wanting more than anything else is to be able to link and integrate my iPhone 6 with the multifunction steering wheel controls. Again, since posting, my research has shown that all slightly later models had a Bluetooth module fitted ( even if not connected up on all models) which provided such a facilty - from what I understand so far anyway? So I’m now trying to find out if I can retrofit a BMW Bluetooth module to provide my desired iPhone hands free facilty? If this also provides access to my iPhone music as well then that would be an added bonus. Whilst I appreciate that there are various aftermarket hands free kits available ( such as Parrot), I do really want the oem look in conjunction with the steering wheel controls. Thanks again for offering an alternative solution nonetheless👏.
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