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  1. Holy thread revival ! Good to see some old names in the chat. Im still in the same car the E46 325ci with a B30 now after blowing up the B25 with a little too much boost! Don't think i will ever sell the car, does everything i want for a weekend car.
  2. One of the reasons i didn't go 19" State of the roads as well is a joke.
  3. So had my rear arches rolled after i removed all the seam sealer and primed and sealed over to protect them so once rolled all would he protected once again. Also fitted my M3 side skirts and a KSB front splitter as i was feeling a change from the clubsport splitters. Happy with how it looks 😎 Just the front tyres to swap out for some 245/35 size and possibly a spacer. Took it for a quick blast and man have i missed it feels so quick 💨💨💥 Updated first page with spec.
  4. Thanks. Plenty more over on my Instagram page R11CH46. Not my Evo unfortunately but the guy who does the geometry. Has some very nice track focused E46 M3's next door as well but didn't get a picture 🤦‍♂️
  5. They are attached to the bumper support bar. Can gain access by removing the front lower arch liner.
  6. Thanks guys. Good to see some old members still here keeping the forum alive 👍
  7. Wow it was a long time ago i updated this! So a lot has happened, finished the underside restoration, fitted the supercharger, in the process of mapping on the dyno and BANG no 6 piston ended up with a nice hole! So....B30 engine conversion, ZF gearbox, 328 propshaft, clutches etc etc and we have a working car again 😂 Car is making around 350bhp without the water meth injection turned on so more power is definitely to be had when it goes on the dyno for vanos tuning and meth. Car feels properly fast, keeps you pushed back in the seat to the redline and the pops and bangs this thing makes puts a big smile on your face 😁 I shall let the pictures do the talking 😉 Rear end completed Old engine out. New engine cleaned, stripped and new gaskets, chains etc etc through out. Stock rotating assembly! Rear end completed. Custom rail spacers for the new bigger injectors. Disa delete and MAP sensor conversion so no more MAF sensor M52 headers widened and port matched to the head. Custom front section leading to a Bmw performance back box. New Android unit with Aldldroid app to display all engine and Afr readings in real time and can data log straight to the unit itself. And how it all looks.
  8. I actually have clubsport front splitters on mine and actually like the clubsport but it's in no way different from a Msport other than a few bolt on parts unfortunately. Maybe the source that told you bmw didn't just bolt the spoiler on for aesthetics reasons would know.
  9. It would most likely be the same as the standard Msport and M3 boot spoiler so not to unbalance the car. You would need more downforce on the front to need more at the back. It was just dressed up to look more racey/sporty and more individual. Clubsports of todays cars however are a lot different.
  10. Front splitters and undertray will do next to nothing for actual downforce. Undertray isn't all that different from a normal msport undertray and the splitters are held on with a few screws to the bumper. Rear spoiler may create some more downforce but i reckon it was aimed more for it's looks as opposed to functionality as a clubsport and normal Msport have very little differences across the entire car.
  11. Getting the bushes in was nice and easy with this All ready to go back on next week
  12. Cheers man. I have all the bush tools except the ones for the subframe, seems to a real lack of them in the uk. Sod removing the bush after powdercoating. I had to burn my bushes out and cut the sleve out after as its just such a pain getting anything to fit the little lips on the bush and subframe. I borrowed a big puller set to fit my bushes and then speaking to my bmw parts manager he would have lent me the tool they have 😂 should have asked first i suppose. Yes il be coating the underside as a bit of rust was found when the tank was dropped and also to coat the reinforcement plates, rest is it still good from when i coated it all before.
  13. Oh yes! Im now on first name terms with my parts manager and i receive 10% off every part as i have been a good customer for many years now, dread to think what it would have all cost paying full price. I did all the suspension a couple years ago now with Bilstein and Eibach parts. All on here a few pages back.
  14. New bearings and hubs pressed in and cables routed with new clips Antiroll bar made up and all new bolts for the exhuast hanger and center brace Decided to go with powerflex diff bushes as i may end up putting more power through this lot later down the line so best to do ot now while i can. Just waiting on the tool to push the bmw subframe bushes home.
  15. Thanks. Nope and i don't plan to as its alot 😂 more then i originally planned thats for sure as the "while its apart" came in to it. Reinforcement plates are only £55 and my fabricator welded it all for free. Powdercoating was £144.
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