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  1. First E46 Overhaul

    Took me about 3 hours thats including jacking the car up and axle stands. Hardest part is the front exhaust bolts as they simply rust out to nothing, once that's off its fairly straight forward. If dropping the lot like i did i would have a friend help you lower it all as its a fair weight and not easy to balance on the jack. This was using air tools as well. All oem Bmw bushes going back in
  2. First E46 Overhaul

    If your removing the subframe then why not reinforce it while its apart? Hard to notice cracks with the subframe in place. Im currently doing the same and the subframe and all arms are at the powdercoaters and vapour blasters. Its not a cheap or 2 minute process but worthwhile.
  3. HELP!!!!!!

    Nick Jupp would know the answer and most likely have what you need. https://www.facebook.com/German-CAR-Spares-KENT-802791319809032/
  4. Front Suspension Arm Bushes

    Powerflex polyurethane bushes are the ones to get. Fit and forget and sharpens up the front end.
  5. Front wishbone bushes?

    Another vote for the powerflex bushes, sharpens the front up with no added noise etc. Nothing wrong with Lemforder arms, done 40k on mine and still perfect.
  6. Red Coolant

    Trouble with using eurocarparts, i fitted a "decent" euros water pump and 20k down the road it had play in the bearings again also the rad was previously replaced with a euros and that had bowed at the bottom. I sacked the lot of it off and went all oem Bmw, fits like a glove and 2 yrs parts warranty. I only use Bmw now as you just don't know what your really getting from euros and doing jobs twice is just a pain.
  7. 330ci clutch

    Had mine done at Bmw but the clutch plate with release bearing was £400 odd, i also had the gear shifter bushes, prop coupler and prop bearing replaced at the same time which you might want to factor in. Dual mass flywheel from Bmw is around £940. Think most people go for Luk clutch kits which are around £300-400 for the plate, bearing and dual mass.
  8. Bilt Hamber Double Speed Wax?

    I bought the das6 menzerna full kit from clean your car a few years back when they had a sale or introduction sale thing, great bit of kit for the noob polisher like myself, you cant go wrong with the numbered bottles and coloured pads and get great results! I fully paint corrected my black civic with it, i soon learnt only a little polish was required on the pad as it goes everywhere 😂 . Autoglym super resin polish is great for hiding scratches and swirls as its got fillers in the polish, topped with the purple bottle muguires wax which was also full of fillers you could get a good result for cheap but its not a permanent fix. Stick with the foam pads 😉
  9. 330Ci Project Topaz...* Bumper Fitted *

    Some nice mods done here! Csl bumper is a big ask to pull it off and look right... Been eyeing up that ssdd boot spoiler myself for awhile, look forward to seeing some up close pics of that.
  10. Red Coolant

    Used red for the last 7 years. Just dont mix the different colours and your be fine.
  11. Bilt Hamber Double Speed Wax?

    I was the same a few years ago as there are so many products on the market. Adam who owns ADS is a friend of mine so i see all the products being made and bottled up so i can vouch for it being a good product! If you get stuck he is always willing to give advise on the facebook page. For me its ADS using, Purple grape snow foam, purple grape wash & gloss, bannana rims and hydro skin to seal. This is just for the basic maintenance washes. Detailing, orange wash for engine bay and door shuts, iron avenger to decontaminat the entire car, tarliminater for tar spots, blue med clay with lime lube, fruit glaze polish and luminos wax, mango skin for trims, rubbers and tyres.
  12. Bilt Hamber Double Speed Wax?

    Check out Adscarcare.co.uk or on facebook for reviews. Awesome products that are easy to use and great results.
  13. Where do you buy your service parts?

    Opie oils for oils and lubricants. Sparkplugs.co.uk for plugs. Bmw for everything else. Bmw aren't as expensive on most bits as you would think. Use to use euros years ago but its hit and miss on parts and actual deals.
  14. 330Ci ... gone :(

    Sorry to see the car up forsale, im sure it will go to a good home though as its a clean and quick example! Did you ever fit that M56 cover? Be interested if you still have it.
  15. My pad clips are 26mm at the furthest point. Pistons are 39mm deep front and 41mm rear. Sorry to hear you have had a nightmare time. Demon tweeks messed me around for nearly 2 months as they couldn't get my rear pads, took a lot of emails before they eventually told me this! They had the fronts and my discs all sat on a shelf waiting..... Bought new bolts and locktight so my front bolts shouldnt come loose again. Have no idea why they came loose in the first place and i torque everthing as i have a workshop manual with all the specs etc in, strange one.