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  1. Andy's Imola 330Ci

    Oh and these: All to be properly revealed soon.....
  2. Andy's Imola 330Ci

    Something new this year soon to be on car.... A little bit of stretch ;
  3. pot hole took me out

    I friend of mine did this, blew out a tyre and cracked a wheel on a 4 year old BMW 3 series estate. The guy was in his 70's btw. SO he figured he would go through his insurance to claim off the council. It didn't go well. The council refused to accept responsibility so his insurance company had to foot the bill and unfortunately his no claims discount was unprotected so he lost it and now pays over £1200 to insure a 2.0L diesel BMW 3 Series estate! Our roads are an absolute joke! I must look like a crazy drunk person driving about avoiding all the holes etc... I now find my self keeping one eye on the road ahead and the other on the actual road looking out for pot holes - its bloody dangerous! I've only been driving 20 years but I know for sure they were never this bad when I first started driving.
  4. Error faults

    Excellent! A nice easy fix... glad to hear it. Mine went too, they all do eventually. The one I replaced mine with was the cold weather version which had more insulation around it and the internal pipe was much harder.
  5. Manual to Power, Coupe to Touring Seat Swap

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I can read codes, I have INPA and P.A Soft, not sure why I haven't done that already! I was considering swapping things about, good to know its nice and easy, that's what I will do. After ready the fault codes. Thanks
  6. 330ci Aero body kit

    Just noticed your had the rear spoiler too! Mine didn't have that, it was spec'd without from the factory oddly. I fitted a lip spoiler in the end and LED rears, really modernised the rear end.
  7. 330ci Aero body kit

    Your right, that's an aero kit.. I had the same on my 328Ci they are not that common as I remember looking for a second hand replacement front bumper when mine was hit. In the end I purchased a brand new one from BMW along with two front wings. The front bumper was over 700 quid! Looked lovely when it was all back together but was written off a few years later :-( It was Topaz blue: I have to confess I wasn't completely sold on the rear bumper but liked the front and side skirts. Have you considered swapping over to the msport kit? There must be more available on the market as they're way more common.
  8. Manual to Power, Coupe to Touring Seat Swap

    I have a set of front seats to put in my coupe, its all like for like, power/heated/leather its just the two I have currently out of the car are in waaaay better condition so I pop them in during the summer months and the tattier ones go in for winter - girlfriend is a horticulturist so often muddy in the winter. Anyway, I'm wondering if a problem I have with the better seats might be the same as you had and could be fixed with a new motor, perhaps you know?? The forward/backward doesn't work on the memory and although it does work with the slider switch on the seat you can't just hold it down you have to keep pulling it again and again and the seat moved back or forward in steps. Do you know if a new motor will solve this? Or could it be something else?
  9. Error faults

    Sounds like vac leak somewhere. Check the intake boots, especially the lower one with the elbow bit, thats notorious for splitting and also the top ccv pipe that runs across the top of the intake manifold next to the fuel rail.
  10. Andy's Imola 330Ci

    Thanks pal... I wasn't a fan of red cars untill my girlfriend found this and more its been repainted and ceramic coated I'm well chuffed with it. Ceramic coats are the future, wax is dead 😀
  11. Error faults

    Good stuff, easy job isn't it? Did it solve all your errors?
  12. Andy's Imola 330Ci

    Did the RTAB's recently too, in the rain hence the gazebo. Did it with a tool I purchased of ebay to get the old ones out and new ones in - glad I had the tool too as there's no way they would've budged without it. It was a bit of a PITA to do but I'm glad I did as the old bushes were shot: Old versus new bush: The tool in action: I cleaned up the brackets too: And this was to keep (most) of the rain off:
  13. Newbie looking for help please

    That one looks nice, lots of options too!
  14. Andy's Imola 330Ci

    Some pics as promised.... My paintwork is 100% spot on, not a scratch, blemish or mark in sight and the reflections, omg she's like a mirror!! At rebellion where the ceramic coats were done:- Then some pics I've taken since:-
  15. WOW, that's a nasty looking old fuel filter. I replaced mine on my petrol 330 coupe the summer before last and although some of the pipes were deteriorating (and leaking) hence the reason for replacing the actual filter didn't look too bad at all. Still glad I Changed it, its a cheap part and a simple job so why not. As mentioned, good to see your still running your E46.