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  1. 325 auto box problem po573

    As a start I would change the oil and filter in the box. BMW say they are filled for life but ZF recommend replacing the oil at 70,000 miles I believe. This may or may not fix it but its worth a try. I need to do mine this summer too. Just make sure you empty all the oil you can, then fill up. Start car and put the shifter into drive, into reverse and back into park a few times then drain the oil again and fill up with new. This process makes sure all the old oil is removed as if you just drain and fill up you won't get all the oil replaced.
  2. Velvet Blue - E46 330CI Clubsport

    I have sportlines on mine, they do make it sit well. Perfect nose down stance.
  3. Velvet Blue - E46 330CI Clubsport

    That looks great - jack does a super job, its one of my favourite upgrades in my interior, makes such a difference to the drive
  4. Andy's Imola 330Ci

    Been a while since I looked on here, let alone posted anything... Had my coupe ceramic coated at the end of the summer last year... First they machine polished it to make sure there were no swirl marks or imperfections then laid down the ceramic coat.... wow is all I can say, the car looks amazing and does every time I wash it now there isn't a scratch, swirl or imperfection anywhere on the whole car. Washing it has become MUCH easier and I don't have to wax it any more which is soooo nice! I will find some pics and post them up. New for this year is a set of HSD coilovers which I would rather not fit but I've got sponsorship from a US wheel company and have a set of centre-lock wheels to go on here for show season. Its a square set-up, all 18"x9.5" ET35 so I need the front camber adjustment and the drop to pull them off properly. Pics to follow soon.
  5. Introducing The M3

    I like your rubber grommet idea, mine have perished on my 330 so will pinch your idea :-)
  6. Cost of owning an E46 330ci

    As others have said 6k is rather steep but they're great cars and in my experience providing they've been well looked after they are cheap to maintain/own too. I've had two a 328Ci and my current 33Ci and most of the maintenance I have done has been preventative or just because I like things to be 100%. I've never been let down by either of mine due to something failing and they've both been my daily drivers. The only issue that did come a bit unexpected was the rear subframe issue I didn't know about which my 328Ci suffered badly with. Once you now about this issue its easy to get under the car and have a look make sure there are no signs and as far as I can tell it mainly effect the real early ones (my 328Ci was a 2000) and the M3's. I couldn't think of another car I'd rather be driving right now with my budget. They look great too :-)
  7. Andy's Imola 330Ci

    Thanks mate 😀 Yeah shame not to see you at Gaydon, would've been good to see yours too. Was a great day, loads of amazing bmw's and met some cool people. Will definitely go again next year.
  8. Haha, looks great. Think I saw your car in the car park at Gaydon??. Was a great day.
  9. Andy's Imola 330Ci

    Still running plate-less since the re-paint, but attached it to the windscreen on the inside now. The official rules are that the front plate has to be visible at 21.5m diagonally from the front of the car in normal daylight. Mine is so hopefully I can leave it where it is without issue.
  10. Andy's Imola 330Ci

    Another pic someone took at Gaydon I like:
  11. Andy's Imola 330Ci

    I must update this actually, you can't really see in the pics above but I have now (finally) fitted the new callipers on all 4 corners, braided brake lines, new disks and pads all round so she's stopping about as good as she can without changing to bigger brakes etc.. and I get no more vibration when braking which if great. I also replaced all the fluid at the same time. Have some pics somewhere, I will dig them out and post up. Fitted the carbon cube door handles before Gaydon that I reconditioned a while back to match up with the rest of the trim I also reconditioned. If I can get my ashtray replaced and perhaps the centre console with hand brake / arm rest etc.. my interior will be spot on. Again, have some pics somewhere which I will find and post up. Last week I also did an oil and filter change but used ramps instead of jacks/axle stands. The ramps were too steep to get up without catching my bumper/splitters so I added some planks of wood. All went well until I tried to get the car back down. Every time the tyres got to the planks the bloody things just slid down the ramps, several times almost taking my car all the way down with them. Was a right nightmare! Tried notching the planks so they grabbed my ramps better, this didn't work. In the end I screwed the bloody things tot he ramps, didn't go anywhere then! So what started as a quick way to get the car up to change the oil turned into a right head-ache. Still, I know exactly what to do next time now.
  12. Andy's Imola 330Ci

    Took my coupe to Gaydon the other weekend. Great day, loads of amazing BMW's and was good to have a look round the British Motor Museum too. The girlfriend and I enjoyed it. A few picture from the day taken by Ben Townsend: I met Ben at the show and he took some great pics. You can find him on Instagram: @ben_townsend_photography
  13. Door mirror surround faded

    The backs / body colour parts of the mirrors pop off. At least they do on the coupe, assume it the same for all.
  14. Advice on discs and pads??

    Yeah they look great! New wheels? Love them, look like Ispiri's?? Thought you had gloss black ISR10'S though? Black version of mine?
  15. Gaydon 2017

    I was planning to go.. Be good to get on a stand :-)