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  1. not sure if yours is like a 320d.....but if you do have an EGR thermo, if you whip the EGR thermo off, and you can blow straight through this, it means its duff.... If you do need to get replacement, go genuine, they are not badly priced! (least not when i bought the pair anyway). The thermostat and housing should be one piece.. there are some videos on youtube that should help
  2. Radiators bowing are a very common problem on a E46...
  3. Just make sure you clean up the alloys before hand e.g. take off any weights and clean off the residue left... other than that, they are decent.....not had chrome done so not sure how they look. They do have examples in their reception area you can look at.
  4. adjustables are £35 off ebay...
  5. Would you say your camshaft failed due to wear and tear though? Pretty much every component failure on a car is wear and tear.. that's how things break, they eventually wear out. By RAC's definition there's nothing that they actually cover, unless the part failed within it's normal warranty period but then you could use the warranty anyway. They did ask me for proof of maintenance/service, as camshaft damage is usually caused by the use of incorrect oil and age. But yes it was wear and tear as with anything on the car... Part of their terms is that you have to keep the car regularly services as per manufacturers guidelines (From a garage so you have to retain proof). RAC is worded in such a way that they could worm their way out of any claim it seems. Check their T&C on page 30 http://www.rac.co.uk/pdfs/breakdown/drive-uk-breakdown-terms-and-conditions.aspx
  6. i agree the terms used by RAC are a little ropey.... I had the AA equivalent as i got a good deal. They did pay out when i had the common problem on my mk4 golf gt tdi pd150, the camshaft went..... Got the camshaft, followers, waterpump and cambelt all done...i had to pay £150 on top to cover the difference but it was worth it! Also used this when an injector went on my 320D..... IF the damage was caused, say by a snapped belt, then they would ask for proof of maintenance to see if you have kept maintaining the car as per manufacturers guidelines.
  7. have you tried adding a parent/older driver as a 2nd driver?
  8. sorry alan my reply was to OP not to you.
  9. you can mix. as long as its fully synthetic 5/40. it was probably 5w30 as thats what is recommended. oil consumption is typical on a high miler 330... I switched to 5w/40 and it reduced consumption. If its drinking oil then its usually the pcv...
  10. This is a typical issue. I bought a replacement top filter from dealers, now i dont have to clean out the bottle as often.
  11. the pug ones are plastic ones.....160mm length... It was suitable for me, but not sure if it will be for you. tbh its probably more cost effective to buy an adjustable set rather than spending more and keep buying fixed length droplinks.
  12. 3D Resin gel plates! which retains the legal font and have the bsu marking Road legal and look better than pressed plates imo! i bought some body trim tape off ebay and used that to stick it on and trust me it holds!
  13. i had the same issue, the hyundai ones are a bit too short, causing them bear too much load and bending them. Im running Peugeot 406 rear ones and so far so good... Ive seen these on ebay but not sure on quality http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-x-FRONT-ADJUSTABLE-SHORT-DROP-END-LINKS-FOR-BMW-E90-E91-E92-E93-/271894154276?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&fits=Plat_Gen%3AE46&hash=item3f4e278c24
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