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  1. After a couple of days of s**tty weather in Wales, today is rather sunny and hot, So i wanted to fit my spoiler as soon as i could, drove up to my gramp's for him to work his magic.. First off was to clean under the spoiler with a tissue just to get any dirt or fibers from it, Then to carefully place the 3M tape given, across the spoiler evenly, covering the whole range of the underneath without stretching the tape... After taking it down to the car, using the cleaning wipe given with the package, just wiping the tip of the boot over, making it ready to stick the boot down, Then pressing firmly all around on the front of the spoiler, then let the nice weather and time do the rest... Even though, you only get one chance of sticking the spoiler down (due to the strength of the tape), it was a pretty flush fit and with an even distance each side so well happy (so was my gramp!)
  2. Some updates for e92.. Recently ordered some "Crystal Black" repeaters to replace my OEM ones (especially to match the grills) Wasn't too hard to replace, seeing as its the same procedure as the e46 (push forward and pull out) Also this afternoon i was shocked to have my Carbon Fiber performance spoiler delivered to me Just waiting for good weather to fit it now, or might consider taking it to a garage to get it fitted perfect, just in case i botch it up...better safe than sorry!
  3. Also... On 11th March, i flew to Geneva, Switzerland with a few of the guys from BMW Sytner (Cardiff BMW) along with my father to the "Internationaler Auto-Salon" Show Basically a massive arena of cars that are due for release later on this year, next year and of course concept models... Even having VIP access to the BMW lounge Only having 4 hours sleep, waking up at 4.00 am, having my chocolate weetabix and a protein shake, i was buzzing for driving from Cardiff to Heathrow to fly at 6.00 am, After an hour on the plane, we arrived and went straight into the arena from the airport, BMW was at the front with the world premier of the BMW i8 and ofcourse the 2014 M3 & M4 !!! Also visting the Alpina stand as VIP with the boys from BMW, even drinking their own Alpina Sauvignon Blanc (since they specialize in car styling and manufacturing wine) In all, was an awesome day! Our flight back was 4.00pm so was only there for the day, but good to see all the new models out, completely fell in love with the M4 when i saw it! Even in BMW VIP lounge, food and drinks (alcohol even) were free all day so just sat there and relaxed for a while stuffing my face haha!, even started to drift off to sleep so had a black coffee before heading back to the plane...
  4. Im from south wales also! [emoji2] Sent from my iPhone!
  5. Fairplay Mike, loving this thread, looks amazing with them X5 tiger claw wheels on! [emoji173]️ Such a clean example of one, and they do look alot better without the number plate recess on! Being back on here makes me long for an e46 again! Already planning to get one back after my e92 [emoji2]. Sent from my iPhone!
  6. Although i haven't been on here for a good while, As i sold my much loved 325ci the beginning of last June... I picked it up from Southampton on August 1st 2013, and sold it back to a BMW e46 dealer based in Southampton (so someone you know might have it ) He give me a bit extra on top to drive it up to him, and i don't mind the drive so me and my father drove up together with his X6, Sold it to the dealer as she was, she was too beautiful too take apart so i kept the original things i took off, and sold her as she stood , He was more than suprised how low she was, but i assured him it was more than driveable on road and over speedbumps, Here was his write up for it ... Finally handed over the keys and signed a few documents and then i was car less for a few days until my dad handed me the Avus Blue e36 323 Cabriolet... Although i still miss my e46, i decided to pop down Sytner BMW in Cardiff Bay to see what deals they had on last summer... Selling my car as a deposit and putting cash on top, would get me low monthly payments on a few models, such as a 118d coupe, Z4 or a e92 320d, So i did have a think and look at some figures and decided to go for a e92 320d ... we look at a few models unregistered and we found one based in Scotland BMW with a few extras such as:- The main statistics... - E92 320d M Sport Coupe N47 2.0d - Alpine White - Manual - Black Dakota Leather - Brushed Aluminium Trim - Superguard Protection - Bluetooth hands free facility with USB audio interface - Servotronic Steering - 19" 313M Wheels - Heated Seats - Model Designation Deletion - Sun Protection Glass Considering it was my birthday on the 23rd of that month too, i decided to go for it, I placed the order on the 11th June 2013 and it come on the 27th. So having going through the trouble of finding a buyer for my 325, many sleepless nights of excitement, using my dads e36 Avus Blue 323 Cabriolet for a week until my car arrived, I finally had the heads up of saying to come get it, i was so excited on the way down, even my mates guessing what car i was getting was going to pick up ... Working in a bar, i didnt notice it at first but its exactly like my license plate! (seeing as i had a choice of the last 3 letters) First thing first was to buy some "BMW Performance" grills, as they do look 10x better than the OEM chrome ones, especially if its alpine white! Soon after my dad suprised me by receiving a letter from the DVLA with a tax registered to the plate he bought back in 2001 for me "DAR111S" Having it on all his past BMW's, he decided to pass it on to me when i finally had a car that was worth more than the plate itself, Changing the grills over, only took a few minutes with a little screwdriver and the new ones slotted in no trouble! Yesterday, seeing how the weather was pretty nice..yet windy, i decided to give her a good soak,wash and clean inside!.. Cheeky shot of my dads 640d too!
  7. I am selling some parts i never fitted to my e46, which i recently sold, I never got around to fitting these items before selling the car, Also i ordered the pre facelift bulbs without checking if they were for a facelift models Perfect for somebody with a pre facelift who wants freshen their pride and joy up a bit... £25 posted Mirrors now sold Have Pre Facelift Silver Indicator & Repeater Bulbs Left £6 posted
  8. Hi, I am selling an e36 323 Cabriolet M sport, in the original Avus Blue. Based in Cardiff, Comes with fresh 12 months MOT & 6 months Tax, new tyres around (cracked due to standing so long, new catalytic converter (as it failed MOT on emissions) Started up daily just to keep it in use, Engine idles smoothly and sounds amazing My father hardly uses it and would like to sell it on to someone who has an eye for such a beautiful example of the last of the e36's, in one of the best colours too! Bad points are there is a problem with the roof motor, could be a fuse but he's not so sure, could be a simple 5 minute job for a BMW head. Statistics: BMW e36 323i Cabriolet V Reg 80k Genuine 12 Months MOT 6 Months Tax Manual 17" alloys (all new tyres) Cream Leathers Sony CD player (incl. 10 CD changer in boot) Price: £2,300 Contact: 07971752404
  9. Hi, Recently selling my 325ci as i have purchased an e92 320d coupe from Sytner, BMW (Cardiff) Looking for about 4500, but i will take reasonable offers of course, This is my thread, feel free to look through... http://www.e46zone.com/forum/topic/38746-dariuss-silbergrau-325-ci/ Based In Cardiff, This is my write up taken from my Gumtree Advert... 54" 325 CI M sport 5 Speed Manual 3 Owners (Including Myself) Silbergrau Metallic (Silver Grey) HPI Clear 104 K 2 months MOT / 6 Months Tax Full BMW Service History Reverse Parking Sensors Cruise Control / Head Unit Control on Steering Wheel Immaculate Full Leathers Immaculate 18" MV2 Alloys Heated / Electric Door Mirrors Electric / Memory Seats 6 CD Changer (plus CD interface on head unit) New Tyres all around Next Service due in 7,000 miles Always ran on Supreme Unleaded & Castrol Edge Oil Leathers waxed regular (stop them cracking) Washed & waxed once a week 30 mpg around town / 50 mpg on motorway I have had the car since last August, it is my pride and joy and since spent countless money on it... Since owning it i have had the following work done and fitted at BMW specialist garage... Upgraded the front tracking bushes to POWERFLEX bushes (lighter & more responsive steering) Renewed the brakes with M-Tec Drilled & Grooved discs all around (and Mintex pads) Upgraded the headlights with 5k HID bulb's (pure white) (ALOT more clear vision on the road) Changed the suspension with Full Adjustable Coilovers (better handling, less body roll) ALTHOUGH DO HAVE ORIGINAL M SPORT SUSPENSION IN BOX (if wanted) Fitted 15mm Hubcenteric spacers (give the car that more wider look) Full 4 Wheel Alignment / Geometry Setup after Suspension was changed Replaced aged side LED repeaters with brand new LED ones Fitted brighter sidelight bulbs and license plate bulbs Fully Legal Pressed Plates Replaced New Wing Mirror Lenses Upgraded Fog light and Full Beam Bulbs to Xenon Bulbs Had the Foglight & Center grill's resprayed in Gloss Black Bits to mention... There is a ding the size of a pound coin in the passenger door from before i bought, been quoted £40 to have it taken out but have not got around to it. There is a bit of surface rust on the rear driver arch & bubbling starting occur underneath the arch, again started before i purchased the car, i have cleaned the arches out since that but might need a re spray in the future but for now its nothing noticeable. (check last picture) Front of car has a few little stone chips here and there, nothing major or noticeable. Apart from that, the car is mechanically sound & looks amazing in person, it has really been my passion since i have owned it. Only reason i am selling is because i have purchased a new car so i would like to pass it on to someone who has an eye for these cars and would love owning this car as much as me. £4500 ONO
  10. Plates look good mate!, Think their the same brakes i have on my 325, From M-tec yeah? Mine come with mintex pads, Wish i bought some Ebc red stuff pads to go with my drilled and grooved discs as my mintex ones are quite s**tty, You got any plans next in line?
  11. Looking good mate!, How you finding the ride and comfort with the X-treme camber and lower profile tyre? What you mean by smooth bumper? the number plate holes isit? You should get your bumper rad grill done gloss black like mine, will stand out so much better and match your grills
  12. Maybe consider an Eonon headunit? They look pretty good for the money, with all the features they have! Really considering one for mine, and sell on the Oem cd headunit i have
  13. Well just looking on ebay, their for sale £250 or nearest offer, so woudnt mind paying about that much for all them features You got the sat nav, phone feature and dvd player going yet? Does it automatically amplify through the speakers when you ring someone? Was a bit let down when i found out it didnt have the phone feature or harman kardon haha
  14. Looks good man! Like the chrome tip exhaust, but i would consider maybe a back box with twin tips, or a full decat system (seeing as diesels still pass MOT without a cat) Would deffo get some spacers on there, im running 15mm all around on mine Check my thread mate, see what you think!
  15. That head unit is looking good fairplay Dar! Whats its like when fitted? You think its worth the money? Thinking of getting one fitted myself
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