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  1. For those of you who are wondering if this is going to happen I'm waiting for enough interest to gather! Let me know if your up for it and I'll organise a time and date.
  2. Is anyone else going? I'm heading up to be there at around 6, just wondered if there where other people there too! I'll keep an eye on here whilst there.
  3. Yeahhhh...had a feeling this would get mixed reviews...by mixed I mainly mean s**t... :L
  4. I've seen a few on some cars and they look pretty sick, I've seen some that are like a tenner on eBay, just wondering if anyone has any on their ride and where they got them?
  5. Planet Terror - A very strange film, a cult classic apparently!
  6. It is pretty cold! Just thinking it would be good to get a few people down from the forum to group up. I'll just throw a tonne of layers on i think next time
  7. Its a pretty decent meet! Get to see a load of cars thrown round a track, can be hit and miss but it's well worth a look in!
  8. Anyone going to matchems next time it's on? Just want to find out if there's any other zoners in the area!
  9. Ahhhh - How much are they? Everyone that I know who had used coilovers makes the ride stupidly harsh :L
  10. My 'Loon is sitting on 40mm at tho mo on 18" rims, but its settled in and its still a little too high, Im thinking of going 50mm, I don't really want to get coilovers mainly because they make the ride to hard. Whats other peoples rides sitting at?
  11. Just wondering who had some at the moment - how easy are they to fit, do you have to fit a seperate switch for them? etc etc
  12. Alright guys - Not so sure yet thinking the burger king in Hedge End - with the right angles It can make a pretty good backdrop! Might also consider the Krispy Kreme cafe in Portsmouth.
  13. I'd also photograph other peoples rides as well...
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