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  1. Hello All, long time forum member had an e46 for about 7 months then sold it now am looking to get one. If anyone is available to follow me view an e46 coupe tomorrow in the enfield please let me know with availability. Preferrably 10am - 3pm Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
  2. even if i just watch it for Sabine Schmitz am happy. but i reckon it will be a mix of in house chit chat and those on the track etc.
  3. i think traditionally all high perfomance cars were mostly 2 doors and seen as sports cars. but like mentioned above some estates can give you a high bp. so now cars are placed in high perfomance cars e.g Ms, AMGS, RSs, Ferraris etc and your sports coupe in this category all 2doors. would not even say 2+2 as now we have cars like A7, CLS etc that are 2+2
  4. am for the EU as it has given people like me the chance to make a life for myself. i think the benefits and welfare state should be looked at rather than immigration etc. if that is made tighter than no one would be willing to come and sponge off the system but instead they will want to come and add some value into the community.
  5. hahahaha, love this thread
  6. i think it might be seen as your slyly selling your car. without paying to post in the for sale section
  7. As per the title suggests I got Destiny with my Ps4 as a brithday present and was wondering if anyone on here has got the bug, i first i played the story mode as any shooter but now got the Destiny bug always upgrading weapons, armor etc. anyone got this same bug
  8. Kenkus28

    SQL error

    good god this is back, humans at work were beginning to annoy me
  9. Timberland Shoes but the nice type not the boots, 2 Levi jeans, socks, a moss turtle neck merino wool top
  10. Merry Christmas all and Happy new year you filthy animals. wishing for new E46s to show up in the forum and hope we get more beautiful mods
  11. Very sexy stallion you have there mate.
  12. seems autotrader has a problem, 20k can get me a few cars M3 and a e60 facelift
  13. my bad http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201412109571950/sort/default/radius/1500/page/2/usedcars/keywords/clubsport/make/bmw/postcode/nw21ep/body-type/coupe/onesearchad/used%2Cnearlynew%2Cnew/model/3_series?logcode=p
  14. am assuming you have a tape deck, can you not just swap that out for a cd business unit and get Rory cables
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