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  1. Get the 330 mate. I had same thoughts years ago but I’m so glad I went with the 330. Imo such a decent car, mpg is great to, specially on motorways n dual carriageways.
  2. This was the difference between the standard halogen bulbs and the osram nightbrekers....
  3. Sorry just realised the links to them. Thanks mate
  4. Ok thanks u lot for the advice. I'm pretty sure the halogen bulbs tbh but how can u tell the difference. Sorry if its a stupid question. Where's the Best places to buy then cos I was just goin to go to the local spares shop or halfords.
  5. I live the otherside of the water in dartford so I'll be there to
  6. As the title im looking to upgrade my headlights bulbs as my passenger side one has blown so may aswel upgrade them both now. I have a 330ci 2006. I'm not 100% sure what bulbs are standard in there now but I'm now looking to get a nice fresh crystal white colour bulb. I'm assumin I can just swap the new ones over without any problems of burning the light covers or having a warning light on the dash cos there the wrong spec etc..... Could somebody point me in the right the direction please Cheers
  7. I'm up for this two. Look forward to it. Hopefully more people will get involved as it goes on!
  8. Told ya last night mate. 32's all day long bruv lol.
  9. Nice pics rob. Well done mate. Hopefully next time there will be a few more of us and we're get to see more nice motors
  10. Hahaha Kevin doing his bit for autoglym lol
  11. Thanks for the reply mate. Yes I hope your right. I'll take them off Saturday and see if it stops. Of it does then I know I need hubcentric one for the from. I'll probably put my 12s hubcentric ones on the front and get new 15s for the rears.
  12. Right I been to a alloy wheel and tyre speacialist today to get my wheels re alligned and he said there pretty much spot on. He said I need two new front tyres pretty urgently cos there bald on the inner side and perishing on the outer. He also said this could be whats causeing the wobble in the steering. He also checked the front bushes and he said there a little bit perished and there's slight movement so they will need to be done. I'm gonna order the new tyres cos I definatly need them anyway. I'm goin the pilot sport 3s as they are whats on the rear. £92 +vat. Is that good? Also could anyone recommend where to buy the bushes from and how much roughly I should be payin for supply and fit. I want good quality ones. I really hope my wobble between 30-40mph will go after fitting the new tryes.
  13. Looking forward to this to. Yeah if it's all good I don't see why we can't do it monthly or something. My mate Ollie with the m3 isn't comin now as he's on holiday but my mate Russ still is. Not sure he feels welcome with his vw GTI tho lol. Least he can see some proper cars for a evening lol.
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