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  1. Subtle..... This looks epic!
  2. tombo

    Tombos 320Cd

    Well as sad as this sounds..... the 320Cd and i parted company on saturday...... however considering it had 128k (13k i put on her since september) i still managed to get 5k exactly for her. Obviously a refelection on the condition of her. She has currently been replaced with a commuter which makes me even more sad (Fiesta Zetec s TDCI) averaging 69.8mpg at the moment lol the missus struggled to drive the Bmw while trying to learn, so i gave up my pride and joy........ on the promise of making this sacrafice that when we move close to my works im allowed to buy the M3 ive always wanted.... I will be back soon, driving the BMW i should have had from day one.
  3. Deffo get some spacers on there, if you got the 225 on the rear you should be able to get away with 20mm I'm running 15mm with 225/40/18 on the rear and I have stacks of room..... Watch your bumper though, when its that low if caught mine twice, body shop loves my money and OCD.....
  4. Happy birthday young blood....
  5. Best colour and looks a very straight example!
  6. I assume its this one then? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-3-E46-2001-2005-Front-Wing-With-Holes-L-h-Approved-Thatcham-/121038802078?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item1c2e798c9e They want to spray the whole side of my car so it all blends in and looks perfect, one thing that makes me hate silvergrey....
  7. You got a link mate? looks a good fit to be honest. ive been quoted 300 quid for labour at the moment so want to try and keep costs to a minimum...
  8. Hi Mate, that a genuine wing or pattented part? need one for mine if im fussy and looking to see how much as i know the stealers would rinse me.
  9. All these recent comments have made my day, nice to see the world isn't as narrow minded as it originally started out.
  10. This is looking very nice now...... really makes me want to get my enthusiasm back for mine.
  11. I think those wheels and lows would look very clean and subtle.... Nice!!
  12. Those CH reps look the bollox on that imola awsome!!!.....And Das if only I had 1500 quid, not cheap at all but beautiful.
  13. Can't seem to see on my Mobile!!! Arrrgh!!
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