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  1. Wow looks awesome man, came out great!
  2. Ah, m3cutters, I always forget about that site. Are the mirrors electric or manual fold? Mine are manual fold, not sure if that matters.
  3. Lovely car man, very rare to see non clubsport Estoril blue 3 series coupes. Can I ask where did you get those M3 mirrors from? Really thinking of getting some for my Estoril blue coupe as well. Will complete the look
  4. I can confirm that the headlights can be just straight swapped and the auto lights feature will still work regardless of the type of headlight unit fitted (Depo's in my case w/ angels).
  5. Worst case scenario I could still use the lights minus the auto feature (which i don't really care for that much tbh), but would be nice if they worked still.
  6. So I have an 320ci facelift coupe, I bought Depo angel eye headlight units (as can be seen in my signature) but have now got a new car (well, bought for my mum really lol). I've got a 330ci facelift convertible but it has auto headlights (non xenon, halogen). The 320ci doesn't have auto lights. Basically, I want to know can i swap my Depo headlights from the 320 into the 330? Will the auto lights feature still work? Because I don't know if the sensor for them is built into the headunit or somewhere else on the car? Thanks.
  7. Stunning car man! That colour!
  8. Nice colour, looks nice without the wing if it is clubsport, was never a fan of it.
  9. Nope, also where did you buy the product to restore your door mirrors? looks like they came out great, need to do mine
  10. Car is awesome man, my hats off to you. One of the nicest facelift's i've seen!
  11. Some black splitters and your car would literally be perfect imo
  12. Mine is finally booked in for the 9th of July. They say it will take about 2 hours to do.
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