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  1. Well.....it wasn't my engine mounts....or my exhaust.....it was my DMF....it's just catastrophically failed haha!!
  2. One of the best absolute faultless mods I ever did to mine!! Helped transform it into a properly fun car! Plus it'll still be worth a decent amount if/when I ever come to sell it.
  3. My dashcam is left on all night.....and can stay on for days without hindering my car starting.
  4. Brakes....AP Racing 6 Pot, 355mmx32mm Discs, Ferodo DS2500 pads Gearbox....standard Suspension.....D2 Coilovers, H&R Arbs
  5. If anyone needs one I've got a brand new genuine 545 shifter here for sale, fitted for all of 5 mins before realising it wouldnt work. Offers...
  6. My e46 330d subframe is perfectly happy with my 370bhp/600ftlb running through a quaife LSD!
  7. Rattles or resonates/vibrates - as in the ends look blurred if you look at them? I've just ordered 2 new engine mounts which I'll throw on this weekend - chances are mine are on their way out anyway after 2 years of abuse. I also notice that the standard downpipe/cat utilises support bars or 'rods' which are apparently actually there to reduce vibrations as well as support. These are obviously done away with when you fit an aftermarket downpipe...or perhaps they indeed shouldnt be. Also newer cars (530d F10 etc) are equipped with large cylindrical rubber vibration dampers mounted on the backboxes - these are available in different frequencies. Also some of the E87 range have them attached to the downpipes instead. Possibly a route I'll look into if the engine mounts don't cure it. There's also a strong possibility it's an issue with my DMF but there aren't any other signs yet other than it being a bit noisy when the engine is switched off.
  8. Did anyone find that replacing their engine mounts resolved the vibrating exhaust tips at idle?
  9. I'm gonna disagree with a few things here I'm afraid. I'm currently at 370bhp/600ftlb on a standard DMF/clutch setup (that's done around 15-20k since I fitted them and they haven't been easy miles either) oh and and standard injectors! Sometimes it's not all about peak torque figures it's about how it's delivered The flywheel admittedly is starting to get a little noisy but no signs of slippage yet - I'll be keeping the DMF when I come to replace it since it's my daily and then with any luck I'll then push onto 400bhp+
  10. My 3 series msport didnt until I fitted them
  11. Snowfoamed it on Thursday evening.... Very impressed with it I have to say, I know it's meant as a prewash but I literally didnt have to do anything else other than dry it off and quick detail it after doing this!
  12. I believe standards are straight but a lot of aftermarket exhausts, like your supersprint are staggered. Think you'd need to get it fitted to your car and weigh up what looks best for the new tips you've got.
  13. Ah....I've got a hybrid & FMIC so no issues on holding boost due to that. EGR I've removed completely....including all the EGR cooler system too. It's not the flywheel that rattles at idle....it's the actual gearbox internals. He'll be referring to a sprung clutch cover which should help to some extent. Just because the S54 doesnt rattle doesnt mean the gearbox attached to the M57 wont - petrol vs diesel - diesels have much worse vibrations & harmonics so chances are the box will sound like a bag of spanners at idle. Are you referring to driveshaft CV or propshaft CV - I've had a driveshaft CV go but thats it. For the record....ChrisH on here is running just over 700lbft and to date has had NO driveshaft CV or propshaft CV issues at all.
  14. I'm running 1.8BAR too, and as yours does....my flywheel bottoms out in 3rd too. It's not about the map being bad.....you need to make the torque in order to produce the power at the end of the day.....theres no way around this. I've got a whistle at around 3500rpm for around 500rpm whilst it peaks at 1.8BAR but I believe this is a slight exhaust blow from the EGR blank through the exhaust pressure at this boost level. I've taken it off and put a fresh gasket on which helped marginally. Got another 2.0Bar map to go on shortly but want to get this resolved first. I don't think my clutch will hold much more torque if I'm honest.......oh & I did a CV joint last month too! Solid flywheels in these are VERY VERY noisy and since my car is used daily for commuting I'm probably just going to find the limit of the standard clutch then back it off a little bit and keep it at this level.
  15. Completely off topic....but at 650ftlb you should be running considerably more than 300bhp I'm at 321bhp and 515ftlb, previous figures were 289/450. So with your 650ftlb you should be on at least 370-390ish bhp. Either that or you mean 650nm? Something doesnt add up anyway. What boost you running?
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