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    Motorbikes and not getting bollockings off my Mrs
  1. Now thats nice but high miles (in my head, but is that nothing to worry about?)
  2. And there jay you have hit the nail on the head. My Mrs just bought an f'in springer spaniel puppy. So looks like the 330i will be going up for sale and I will be leaving the zimmer club :-(
  3. Hi all I know this isn't in the right place but I can't post there any how. I currently have a 330i sport but needs must and I want to get a tourer with a decent sized engine but for the love of god there are almost none for sale anywhere, whats going on and does anyone know of any???? Cheers Darren
  4. Hi mate. This is the kit I got http://www.amazon.co.uk/SILVERLINE-SILVERSTORM%C2%AE-129659-POLISHER-PLATINUM/dp/B005KRM4N4/ref=sr_1_3?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1362164058&sr=1-3 For £60 with all that you get its amazing. I have never used a rotary until this (with help from detailing world web site) it is amazing. Did my mum and dads 03 blue vectra first. It looked crap before and now genuinely looks like glass. Did my titan loon and the difference is amazing. This is the one with the soft start which as already said id VERY important. There really is no need to blow hundreds when you can get this.
  5. Hi gents looking for a bit of help. I know you can get them from the stealer but looking for a set of new crystal clear side repeaters for my face lift loon. Almost had a result from the local factors they said they could get a set for £9. Result I thought so ordered them up. They came but 2 right hand ones were delivered, gave them a ring they called their suppliers and response was we can only get right hand side ones. Very useful I thought!!!! So anyone got any other ideas ? Thanks Darren
  6. That answers my question then. My 330i loon is a 2002 plate. Oh well
  7. Hmmmm my facelift 330i hasnt got a 6 speed box. That sucks a bit :-(
  8. Oh dear track days. First one... tarmac sky tarmac sky tarmac tyre in back of head sky and then hmmmm why is me right shoulder all floppy and hurting que lots of shouting ;-)
  9. 34 with a 330i m loon. But have calmed my cars down a bit, skylines and imprezas after my mk3 series 1 rs turbo. How ever, couldnt grow up to much so yamaha R1 keeps me with a mental age of about 3 ;-)
  10. Got a 2002 silver 330i m loon buddy
  11. Yes mate i live in Yeovil, if im not sorting my car out im sorting my motorbike out or trying not to get my arse fried by the fun adjuster in doors
  12. Yep I got the same on my 330i mate. Took it down to Eden motors in Yeovil and they quoted £180, or £310 to fit a new clutch as well. Before you all go to cheap etc. Eden is a family run inde BMW specialist and they are all devout christians in a biblical way (got pictures of Jesus on the walls) and there worshop is like the bmw development workshop near Reading (did some work there, mother of god clean is not the word and one of every M cad ever built parked inside). The family are millionaires and they do it for enjoyment not huge profits. They renowned for being the best and people do literally come frkm all over to get there bmw sorted. Anyhow yeah mine sticks to the right and £180 to sort it mate.
  13. Might get one for my 330i any ideas in a price mate? Cheers Darren
  14. Genuinely this was on the autobahn. 6 of us on bikes last year, 2 of us had R1s and my mate had a tomtom bikenav on it so gps. My speedo said 181 which I thought was prob between 5-10% out. However when we stopped I asked phil what his tomtom said and it said 180mph and we were keeping side by side, and bikes were STILL accelerating when I s**t myself and backed off. But to be honest yes was a buzz but was fooking stupid.
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