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  1. The ribbon mirrors are on their own bus which is part of the GM5 but most of the control is from the OS mirror
  2. Same deal I had with the e46, people are too hung up on mileage and can't seem to understand that condition and stacks of receipts are better than something with next to no miles on the clock. Got an e46 tourer that I'm going to smoke about in for a while whilst I concentrate on the uno turbo & TVR. Ordered an A4 that'll be replacing the X5 for a couple of years; that thing is wearing thin!
  3. Cheers boys, price has been dropped to £9500.
  4. Still got it! Brand new Bosch glow plugs fitted last weekend (09/01/16). Fresh photo's here: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0f5nhQST32gmn
  5. Most of what you've said would add up to the turbo oil seals or high crank case pressure. A small amount of oil will always be in the cold side of the turbo from the CCV. The only way you'd be able to check is to install a catch can and see how much is collected.
  6. Is the fuel filter fitted the right way round?
  7. Why not buy some expensive coilovers, then you can have lows and comfort?
  8. That's because it's programmed to do that, the temperature can be anywhere within a 30 degree range and the needle will still stay in the middle. It's called 'perceived quality' and can hide all manner of small issues.
  9. Is the replacement battery brand new and up to spec CCA wise?
  10. I think it's because in the US they don't have sidelights so perhaps it's a byproduct of coding them on? Why do you want your sidelights on with the ignition off?
  11. They are standard bi-xenon headlights that someone has fitted angel eyes to. All facelift coupé/convertible xenon headlights are bi-xenon, you can't get non bi's on the facelifts. The inner halogen lamp illuminates alongside the bi-xenon lamp. You can code this out though if required.
  12. Sounds like the EGR hasn't been deleted as part of the remap. The 'removal' should stop the car requesting EGR via vacuum, however I'd imagine most mappers just remove whatever causes the EML to illuminate. The EML will extinguish after a few drives with the EGR reconnected. Take it back.
  13. Cheers dude, do you have a picture of the headlights with the projectors & shrouds fitted in daylight?
  14. There isn't an eBay link in my mirror ads, they were put on about a month ago?
  15. Take a look in the for sale section, I've got some coupé mirror ads in there.
  16. Does it smoke on boost? You're correct, if oil is getting out then boost will be too.
  17. I don't trust anything from ECP anymore, heard too many bad stories about fake/cheap parts. Take a look at this and get yourself a real one from elsewhere: http://www.bmwforums.info/general-guides-and-how-to-s/1078-air-mass-sensors-maf-explained.html Have you had the fault codes read by a BMW specific reader? I'd get that done before you buy anything.
  18. Assuming your fault is related to the MAF then it does sound like you've got a faulty one. From ECP by any chance? With the MAF unplugged on an otherwise healthy car, it should run just fine but be down on power and economy.
  19. Fair enough, you'll get a good price for them if you sell them.
  20. Cool, so they're a decent upgrade, you just need to get your LCM coded to enable the dial.
  21. Car looks great dude! Can't help but laugh at the one pic out of all the ones on here that tapatalk has chosen to show on the topic [emoji23]
  22. They should still do the self check on startup, but the pointing down thing is the default for xenons if there's an incorrect (or no) reading from the axle mounted level sensors.
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