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  1. Is this the exact thing that you have Triggerfish? I didn't realise they were this cheap?
  2. Wow this car is stunning! Great work, I do like the interior but for me I think of would of left the gear stick black leather and the gear surround black also, but each to their own
  3. Here's the item number, hopefully that'll work: 161871125751 I'm relatively confident on computers, I just want to be able to diagnose faults and code some things like roof open off the key, auto lock and hazard light flash when unlocking the car (found it odd it didn't already do this one).
  4. Hi guys Is this all I need to get coding and diagnosing on my car? https://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/161871125751 Cheers Tom
  5. Not had my 325 vert long, but would quite like to lose the arch gap on the front (I'm happy with the rear). I had coilovers on my previous coupe, and managed to fit them with a friend. I've just seen these (Click here) on euro car parts and with the extra 20% off this bank holiday weekend, I thought it might be an inexpensive way to reduce the arch gap at the front? Has anyone got/had these or has some experience with them at all that could advise whether this is a good route to go down if I just want to reduce the gap? Would ideally fit some spacers all round too, not sure what sizes though on the very 10/15mm? Cheers Tom
  6. Wow, all in for that money is great, it really does make it look like new. Looking forward to more updates
  7. Yea I think the shape is one of the best BMW have produced and far better looking than the Audi's and Mercedes of that era.
  8. Cheers bro, totally agree on the colour, it's my favourite and I'm really glad I've finally got an e46 in silver grey. Having said I had no plans for her I've managed to write quite a list, but this will all be as and when funds allow given we're in the process of buying a house. First up though is some aero wipers, the ones on the car just smear the rain across the screen and definitely need replacing. Really regretting selling my 32's, they would have looked great on this.
  9. I'm assuming that's 400 excluding the HU and gaitors? So 400 for the parts from BMW? Just looked at the pictures again, and it makes the interior look so fresh, I've just picked up a 325 vert last weekend and I think I could with replacing a few parts. Did you get the part number from realoem?
  10. Wow! Got a lot of love for this car, the interior looks absolutely mint now. Did you get all the parts from BMW? Do you have a cost breakdown? (If you don't mind sharing?)
  11. Car looks good bud, lovely colour. Whats the the problem with the pictures? I upload to photobucket and copy the IMG code into my posts. From what I can see above I think you've posted the entire URL of where the pictures are stored. Try clicking on the pictures in photobucket and look for the IMG code 👍🏻
  12. Yea very relieved they are genuine. Just got back from dropping the car off, he's also fixing the parking sensors as they're not working and he's going get it tracked too
  13. There was some replies to this thread but they appear to have disappeared since the site was down the other day. I've checked the VIN and the xenons are from factory. I've spoken to the dealer and he is going to get a new LCM fitted for me 👍🏻
  14. Picked up a new car on Sunday, 04' 325 vert with xenons but no auto lights, however I noticed when I turned the ignition on last night (was dark outside) that the sidelights and xenons came on?? I drove to the gym after work today (wasn't 'dark' but was getting dark) and I'd manually put my sidelights on, by the time I got half way to the gym the xenons had turned themselves on. I definitely don't have auto lights, the lights switch is either off, sidelights or headlights, and does not have the 'A' you would expect for auto lights, so does anyone know why my lights have a mind of their own?
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