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  1. Hi, My 54 plate 318 se saloon with 95k has just failed its MOT for excess smoke on startup and acceleration. I've not even gone into working out what is causing this. About 5 months ago I paid out for a new head gasket and head skimmed. Also a new timing chain. I'm just looking to get rid now for spares or repairs. I really want to sell for £500 but is that achievable for an MOT failure? I really have no idea what is a good price to achieve?
  2. Please could someone give me some advice. I have a 54 plate 318i saloon. My car started overheating the other day and ended up blowing the expansion tank. My garage has had a look and said that the head gasket has gone. They have already got to work replacing the gasket and having the head skimmed. I though I was on the final stretch and would get my car back but whilst putting things back together he has said that he has now noticed that the timing chain has stretched and needs replacing. This garage is a Mercedes specialist and has said that Mercedes supply an open chain that can be fitted and then secured with a link. My mechanic has said that he can't find one for the my car. All the ones he has found have been closed chains. He has told me that unless he can get an open chain, he'll have to take the front end of the engine off to get the chain on. This will of course add another £500+ to my bill. If he can get an open chain he has said he could do it in 20mins. 1- Does everything I've been told make sense? 2- Does anyone know where I can source an open chain? Any help would be great as this could be the difference of keeping the 46 on the road, or it going to the scrapyard in the sky!
  3. Just taken the car that another garage and they have run the test and have said that there is no issue with the cylinder head or gasket. They think that it is 'a valve located by the manifold' that needs replacing. Any ideas what the actual name for this is?
  4. Found the cause of the water still leaking. The hose that attaches to the top of the expansion that connection has a large and a small hose fitting is not creating a tight enough seal to the expansion tank. Now trying to work out how to create a nice deal without buying a whole new hose as you can't just buy the connector. Arse
  5. Just been out this morning and coolant light came on. Checked and the under tray is wet again. So I know it's an external coolant leak rather than internal. Gonna get under the car in a bit and see if I can see any leaking. I spotted the crack in the expansion tank yesterday and could clearly see it leaking, wipe it away and the water came out again, so I'm happy that water was leaking from there. Gonna re check all the hoses are connected ok.
  6. Thanks mate. Yeah let me know as you can't beat first hand advice. I'll have a look at good garage scheme now
  7. Oh sorry and I'm in Weymouth but am willing to travel anywhere if I know the garage is worth the travel!
  8. Thanks! Being told yesterday that pretty much, the car was on its last legs, makes you go into sh!t mode thinking what am I gonna do? How am I gonna have a few thousand together to buy another one! Love the car, even though it's 318, I want to keep it going for a lot longer!
  9. Yeah both rocker gasket and o rings were from Bmw dealership for that exact reason. The fact that the rocker gasket already seems to be leaking is why I changed garages to this one as I thought that the last garage had done a sh*t job at changing the gasket. This recent garage has told me that they would change the head within the next 3-6 month. I know the guy from this garage so thought I could trust him. I don't think they are trying to rob me but think they just have a lack of knowledge.
  10. The fact that it stalled was the main reason they diagnosed a cylinder head issue. I hate garages in general, never know who to believe? Does anyone know any garages to go to in Dorset who will 100% know how to diagnose these issues!?
  11. Does anyone know the cost of a reconditioned cylinder head change?
  12. Just changed the bottle, no smell of exhaust. Is there any test that can be carried out before forking out for a garage to remove the head etc?
  13. The oil filler cap has just a small touch on the edge occasionally but most of the time nothing. When checking the dip stick there is some milky residue there. The car has been leaking oil for a while now so had the rocker gasket, oil filter change and o rings on the solenoids changed but I can still go through a litre of oil every 4-6 weeks. Just for info the car has only some 88k
  14. Hi, I have a 54 plate 318i. I posted a few days ago about a coolant leak, but since then I have taken the car into a garage. We traced the leak to a hairline crack in the expansion tank. We ordered one up and fitted it. the problem is that I have had an ongoing oil leak for the last year or so. Had another look at it and oil seems to be seeping from nothe the rocker gasket and oil filter housing (o rings). Both have already been replaced in the last 18 months and didn't stop the leak. They just seem to be leaking again. One of the guys there opened up the oil filler cap whilst it was running and the engine stalled. He has told me that this should not be pressurised and the fact that it is means I've probably got a crack in the cylinder head which is a common fault on the N42 engine. He has said that this crack would be creating pressure within the engine which may be the cause of both the oil leaks and expansion tank cracking? Does this ring true to people who are more mechanically trained than me? I have been told, that the only way to keep the car going is to fit a new cylinder head which is going to set me back around £1000? Please can anyone help?
  15. Hi everyone! Not been on for ages. The other day I sprung a leak. My water light came on, so I topped up the water level. That was on Friday and then today my light came on again. Had a quick check in the dark with my phone torch tonight and can see that the fluid is coming out near the filler tube/housing. Does anyone have some good areas to look for it know any common places that leaks start?
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