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  1. Daud

    winter E46

    Hmm in the same boat myself not sure what to do and I live in Scotland!
  2. Vgate iCar 3 ELM327 Bluetooth V3.0 OBD2 Car Diagnostics Scanner This is the one I bought recently for my 2005 model, connects and works perfectly also can leave it plugged in as it turns itself off!
  3. Been using Shell v-power Nitro diesel for a while now, car loves it!
  4. I have HSD monopro's on mine and I love them totally transformed the ride!
  5. Awesome Thread, Speedy progress!
  6. I had mines done under the warranty, they done a crap job and the rust started to come back in under a year, needless to say I have been back and it is going for repairs again second time lucky I hope!
  7. I know for a fact the owl hoot comes from the exhaust cause I have that also, really clear and loud
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