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    53 320d Sport Touring in black and my old 1999 Isuzu Trooper 3.0d
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    Motorbikes, shooting, music, whiskey and whisky.
  1. Still looking for a Alcantara drivers seat for my 320d Touring, not heated and manual adjusters please, can travel up to 50 miles of Grimsby or pay for courier. Leave a message or call me please 07704799364 Cheers, Jon.
  2. As above, my car had advisories for the front discs so I decided to change all four, when I got them off I saw there was nothing wrong with them but fitted the new ones anyway so if anyone is hard up and needs a set of front and back discs send me a message or call me 07704799364, collection from DN36 only please unless you want to pay for postage. They are used and have a few marks but have 1000's of miles left in them.
  3. Can anyone show a pic of the hose and its location, mine also has a whistle and am hoping its not the turbo, do not think it is as its done it for over a year and not got any worse.
  4. I have just rang the BMW number and they confirmed my 2003 320d sport touring needs the passenger airbag sorting so will be ringing my local stealership tomorrow, thanks for the heads up guys
  5. To be honest I did not get a diagnosis, I need to go further before I know for sure that it is the motor. If it did not recognise the key wouldn't you see a immobilizer fault symbol?? Apologies if you found this thread using google search, I have spent a couple of hours today looking for a similar thread
  6. My 2003 320d sport touring has an intermittent starter motor problem, sometimes when I try to start it all I can hear is the solenoid click, usually starts after 2 or 3 attempts but today I had to try about a dozen times before it fired up. I rang my local indy for a price to supply and fit a new starter and they wanted £277 inc vat, I know that is a decent price but funds are tight and I am more then handy with spanners so will do it my self. I have searched for a 'how to' guide but cannot find one, does anyone know if one exists? Cheers, Jon.
  7. That`s the main reason I swapped the factory pdc for an aftermarket kit. It`s problem free now. Ive gone for the other option, its booked in on Thursday for a detachable tow bar.
  8. Thanks Rich I will have a look when I get off shift but the noise kind of sounds like Did you hear that?
  9. I wish my car did not have reversing bleepers, correct me I am wrong but when I took my test 30 years ago I was taught how to reverse and park wasnt I? I cannot have a rubber cover on my towball because the sensors pick it up, not the 50mm metal ball, not the 8" square stainless bumper protecter but a 2mm thick rubber jonny
  10. Looks like it could be the turbo then, not having much luck with this car Came to work this morning, whine started at 1500rpm and isnt noticable after 2000rpm but I guess that could be masked by engine and road noise?
  11. Could be Rob, its more of an air whistle noise really and only starts at 1500. I wasn't sure if the turbo would start turning at such low revs? I think its more noticeable when its cold, my turn to drive in the morning so will take more notice.
  12. Does anyone know at what revs the turbo starts spooling? My 320d has a whistle/air noise/whine (take your pick) which starts at 1500RPM , not sure if its me but it seems to be getting louder although it isn't very loud, just noticeable.
  13. A bit late but thanks for the help guys, I had a new clutch and dmf fitted at the dealers expense (I went half on the dmf) and alls well now.
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