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  1. Are you planning on getting it on finance?
  2. Cheers mate, needs replacing on my 5 series so I'm guessing it's pretty much the same process
  3. How easy is it to replace the donut?
  4. They are mate best purchase iv ever made, yeah it's triptonic so Iv got automatic and Manuel option with sport mode
  5. Yeah takes about 3 buckets of soap and about twice as long as washing a 3 series
  6. Took the 530 across the country, about a 600 mile round trip earlier in the week and I was amazed how comfy it was, the drive was so smooth and I didn't even realise what speeds I was doing at times because it was so quiet but with plenty of power where needed, couple of shots I took on way up and on way back
  7. What colour is this? It's like a dark blue/black, under the bonnet it only reads carbon?
  8. I'm 22 with a 530d m sport and pay about 1300 a year
  9. Yeah not happy tho the rear knocking is still there! It's going back to the garage!
  10. Hopefully I'll be picking my 530d up tomorrow
  11. Dropping it back to bmw tomorrow to have work done under warrently and picking up my courtesy car
  12. Apparently it could be the drive shaft, is there any way of telling whether it is that it not?
  13. It's strange it doesn't do it all the time and doesn't happen at fast speeds
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