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  1. It's not only about torsional rigidity. Most HGVs have higher torsional rigidity than cars.
  2. You'd also need to make the instrument cluster work. E9x uses many fibre optic looms and E46 uses copper.
  3. If you're doing it because you think the E46 chassis is tighter and a better drive, maybe you should put the engine into an e36 which has an even tighter chassis than the e46:)
  4. I introduced myself years ago (check my post count)... but then I gave away all my E46 cars. But last week I moved from London to the Midlands and I have a 27 mile drive to work along mostly traffic free roads, so I bought a 330Ci convertible on eBay last night 🙈
  5. Bit of a left field recommendation here, but there's a tyre place on the Mulsanne straight of the Le Mans 24h car race that was loads cheaper than any UK tyre place. Last year I got 4 continental sport contact 2 tyres for 500€ - UK price for the same tyres was about £650. And they gave me a voucher for a free Android tablet (which admittedly I had to apply for in French but still)... They also had 4 guys change the tyres on my car at the same time, so they were done in about 20 minutes The drive down might cost you a bit more though, and the place is closed during the 24h car race because there are cars driving past at 250mph... That said, I paid retail price so you could get a £50 day return on Eurotunnel, have the tyres fitted in Calais, take the missus for a nice lunch and still be quids in!
  6. Thanks Sam, I already tried playing with this but that feed view is appalling. It's trying to be facebook and failing miserably at it. I wasn't coming on here much anyway, and this has put me off the site altogether.
  7. Not sure I've ever posted in this thread... My one-post rant is that I logged on here and everything was different and I don't know where I am, and I want the old style 'show new posts' page and not this new-fangled attempt at making the forum look like a social feed but failing miserably at it...
  8. If you're going with a mate then just stay in Ibis Budget or similar. If you're going with your missus then book lots of random chateau places - she'll love them and they aren't that expensive.
  9. LHD headlights will fail a UK MOT test.
  10. Maybe you should just accept your fog lights as functional items and only use them in fog, where yellow is a better colour anyway. And also remember you can't see them from the driver's seat ?
  11. This is incorrect. None of my e46 were bent unless they had a suspension problem. When the suspension problem was fixed, they were level. It's nothing to do with everything being on the same side. If they were bent in the showroom, anyone paying £35k for a new one would have passed on BMW and gone straight to the local Audi or Mercedes showroom instead.
  12. Hi, I have a set of never-used mats in beige for a convertible, free to whoever wants to collect them from London EC3. They've been sitting in my flat gathering dust for about 7 years and I only found them after a big clearout so they do need a bit of a clean from all the dust that's piled up on them, but they've never been fitted in a car so should last years. They cost something like £70 from BMW... Better if you email me - mail at mital dot net - because I'm not on the forum so much anymore. Mit
  13. I think Jayla did a DIY on here about 7 years ago for a complete LED change. He definitely completed it on his car.
  14. mit

    What's this?

    Not sure where it is on a touring, possibly... on the saloon it's in the C-pillar and on the convertible it's behind the passenger side rear door card! Have a look for it on realoem.com - you'll get an idea of where it goes from that.
  15. mit

    What's this?

    If your car is older/pre-facelift it has 2 aerial connections. There's a main antenna and another secondary one. Both go to your antenna amplifier which switches from one to the other depending on the signal quality. On newer cars you only have the smaller connector (the one that's broken in your case).
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