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  1. How many miles has your E46 done?

    As of yesterday; 112,999 (2002, 320d SE Touring).
  2. Please help 2002 318i touring (1995 cc n42)

    Glen, slow down and think about what you're going to type. It's difficult reading your post, as it appears to be one extremely long sentence. It would make easier reading if you added commas and full-stops in the appropriate areas. Just image that you were talking to someone; there would be natural pauses in your speech. Very long sentences can be it awkward for an individual to read, leading them to either partially, or at worse, not completely read what you have typed. Just sayin'.
  3. e46 @13,000 miles future classic? Thoughts?

    Pictures (or you didn't buy it)
  4. E46 expansion tank?

    Checked the coolant before you bought the car; right?
  5. Time for a new clutch

    It is smooth and I'm pleased. However, I must admit, I don't drive a lot; maybe 3,000 - 4,000 miles per year.
  6. Time for a new clutch

    £1382 inc vat and labour.
  7. Time for a new clutch

    I had my clutch, DMF and propshaft rubber joint replaced today. Also had an Inspection II, MOT and new front wiper blades.
  8. Changing touring rear glass

    I had an independant dealer do it for me. They couldn't source a used one, so I had to pay full price. They would have been cheaper than the main BMW place.
  9. Garage ripping me off?

    Bloke working on a house across the road from me told (today) that the fuel pump on his 12 year old Ford Transit needs replacing. He had two quotes; one £1300 and the other £850. Why such a discrepancy?
  10. Car sale to Poland

  11. E46 Rust Warranty - BMW trying to wiggle out

    I managed to buy two (used, genuine) replacement front wings for my 2003 E46 Touring (on ebay). I paid £55 each. Having them fitted, treated underneath with rust inhibitor, painted and faded into to rest of car's colour (even though they were the same colour), and the rear wheel arches ground down filled, repainted (after rust inhibitor applied) was £660 inc vat. I was happy with the price and the job they did. The rust may come reappear, but for the time being I'm happy with the way the car looks. (Happy to supply photos).
  12. How many miles has your E46 done?

    52 / 320d SE Touring / 110481
  13. Oil light

    This topic came up on another forum and mentioned several Hella fake ones being sold on ebay. Basically, beware of ones from that brand if they're too cheap.
  14. In the the last two months: Two replacement wings (as there was some bubbling on the originals, which indicated rust had started). Front discs and pads replaced. New air-con compressor unit.
  15. What was your first car?

    1972 Hillman Imp, bought for £200 in 1980.