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  1. Welcome back Stranger! Its been the usual mix of toy's out of the pram etc, get yourself to UBMW in September again mate for a beer or 9! Ahh, I wouldn't expect any less! I'd have to park the car a few miles out of sight and then walk the rest of the way to avoids the shame. Though it did get its yearly wash on Saturday . (Not by my hands though!) Tempted to search for portaloo just for old time sake
  2. It's been so long and yet so little has changed... How is everyone? I fell out of love with the car a looooong time ago. And after forgetting that I had a bike on the roof rack the other day it's even more battered than it was when I left! Anything new happening?
  3. Cheers for the help. Cheers dude, as I thought. Ignore. Seemingly, even with the new regs the advice is still to ignore lol.
  4. The offence was on the 25th September so I'm guessing I'm clear of the latest law thought will have to have a look into it. Cheers. I think to be honest if I had have parked up I'd have probably just paid it, seeing as I never actually left the damn car I'd rather the extra bit of hassle.
  5. Haven't been around these parts in a good while but when a parking ticket landed in my post box today I figured someone on here would have some advice for me! I've got a parking charge notice from LCP parking services, basically one of those private companies running on private property. Picture of the car on the way in, picture of the car on the way out. Seems dodgy as hell to be honest, both pics of my licence plate are of the front white plate despite the pic of the exit photo showing the rear of the car (and the exit pic is very dark). The ref for the in pic is 47918, the out pic is 47919, it's a very busy car park, someone would have entered or exited in the 15 minute period I was in the car park at 6.30 on a weekday eve. Fairly sure the old advice on these things was just ignore it. I realise there'll be some (Mit...) who'll probably just tell me to pay it, but seeing as I never actually parked the car and didn't at any point leave the vehicle, I'd say it's a bit of a scam to charge me £50! Any help appreciated.
  6. This is like the only thread I'm still subscribed to, didn't get notifications of the above posts. Just the one below. Weird. Zone raped?
  7. I'm with Gaz. I call b******t. You do get trails at 30seconds and this is a 71 second exposure apparently. You'd DEFINITELY have trails. Great image but my guess is photoshopped.
  8. No you wouldn't. You'd only get taxed 50% on £5k. You wouldn't lose £2.5k just to stay out of the bracket...
  9. It's not 50% on the entire £150k. Plus, by the CSA's 15% of net income a week calculations, something smells fishy.
  10. You earn £150k+ a year but begrudge paying £6,600 a year for your kid? The mind boggles.
  11. Put your handbags away ladies. This reminds me why I don't bother coming on here anymore!
  12. If there's no trust, there's no relationship. Also, if she's that jealous about you having coffee with an ex I think she's got an awful lot of growing up to do. You guys aren't 16, it's meant to be an adult relationship. We all have ex's and some of them atleast won't hate us so maintaining a friendship is a good thing. I always tell my missus the truth. Always. Better to work through the problem than lie and have it creep up on you later on.
  13. Least it's all covered by defects. You can have just as many problems with period properties. It's not been plan sailing AT ALL. Developers have been toss pots and I've had to take 6-7 days off work but I'm finally getting there!
  14. Thanks to nice big thick concrete floors and top of the range sound insulation, I can only ever hear the guy above when he scrapes a chair across the floor every now and then lol. Used to have w****r neighbours when I lived at my mums. Used to do my head in!
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