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  1. I'm not too sure, they were bought from eBay as a complete kit. I will change the breather filter, just need to find time. Ben
  2. Welcome. Move just done pretty much the same on my 330d sport touring. However, when I came to do the swirl flaps they were already blanked. I've got a set of 6 with all new gaskets if you want them for £20 posted? The only thing I've not done is the breather filter which I'll be doing in the week. Also, I would like to drop the gearbox oil and change the filter as the change is a little sluggish. Ben
  3. It is getting better and Matt Le Blanc is really getting into it. I'm still not a fan of Evans though but will carry on watching regardless. Ben
  4. Looks lovely. Not happy with the MPG? I'll do you a deal with my 330d touring. 😉
  5. I've got a set of MV2's with tyres in need of a refurb in the for sale section for £150. Ben
  6. Cheap coilovers are the likes of JOM which are fine for everyday use in my opinion. They range from £150-£250. You'll need to space out the front wheels by 5mm or so to stop the wheel fouling the strut and for shorter drop links, approx 160mm. AP are another make that are very good and within budget, approx £450. FK have quite a comprehensive list of coilovers for all budgets too. I have JOM coilovers on my touring and find them fine for day to day driving. Ben
  7. I've got standard MV2's which are 8.5j and they have 255 tyres as standard. Your set up should be fine but you'll still need to roll your rear arches. Ben
  8. Same set up as my old one. Genuine 10j rears and 9j fronts but with 235 and 215 rubber. Ben
  9. ben(2)

    Roof Rack

    My old car: Ben
  10. You'll need to get the codes read. I recently had this and it turned out to be the DSC pressure sensor which is on the bottom of the master cylinder. Ben
  11. Looks nice enough, decent miles, etc but it looks quite pricey IMO. Ben
  12. I'm running 15mm spacers all round with coilovers and MV's and don't get any rubbing at all. Ben
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