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  1. Hi Guys, Thought I would join up and say hi. I have an E39 im afraid, but am still a BMW fan so hope I am welcome. This is an interesting discussion indeed, but I must say, any tuner who thinks an intercooler upgrade isnt worthwhile on a turbocharged car really doesnt understand the fundamentals of tuning... heating up the air is almost exactly the same as turning down the boost as far as power is concerned, but it comes with many more drawbacks and dangers. Also, please ignore peak BHP figures when looking at diesel road car tuning. All that matters is the area under the graph. The more area under the line, the faster the car is, it really is that simple. Peak BHP figures on diesel engines are very missleading as often we simply cant flow anymore air up there and are limited significantly not only by the induction stroke time base but also of course the limitations of diesel burn time. However, if we have an extra 200ftlb of torque from 2000 - 4000rpm, that car will still be a LOT faster than teh standarde version, regardless of its final peak BHP reading. Hell, sometimes for various forms of motorsport engine we purposely dont tune the top end of the tables at all, so if your looking at peak BHP figures alone, you would assume the car is still standard and wonder how lap times have come down 2 seconds. LOL
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