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    Driving is a drug for me. Cars! Cars!
  1. http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/partgrp?id=ED92-EUR-04-2004-E46-BMW-330d
  2. http://www.realoem.com/ http://bmwfans.info/ Part number must be the same...
  3. What song have you been listening (or something like that) take 2... Anyway.. The Cardigans - Erase Revind - My Favourite Game
  4. Headlong - Queen Nightcall - Kavinsky ...
  5. +, your "lady" is at home (in my book big +) ... Away from "roughneck's" (lol), and all weather "inconvenience"...
  6. Last weekend, basic maintenance for her; Then, the same for myself...
  7. I'd be, happy to be able to post a picture just like yous, Rob-...
  8. Must say this, E46 still more beautiful from any angle than E90... No no offense, tho...
  9. You got no idea how much I'd like to feel that 600 turbo'd ponies (as you would say), trough 1st, 2nd, 3rd,, ah all of "them", I'd do as much miles this weekend, of course as depth of you pocket allows at this given time... What about the sound???!!!, does it make all your "hair" touch the sky? My license is in danger every day, doesn't matter what i drive... I'd spend a few day in jail with her at my possession!!!!!
  10. Super jealous! Lucky You! Busy weekend, I guess...
  11. I'd take the engine out and move it to some any other vehicle... Jesus...
  12. Must say, same here, just suddenly guess what, summer is here, and what else, girls in short...
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