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  1. Get it checked first in case it's something simple like a split hose etc. Don't rush out and replace it without knowing that's definitely the issue.
  2. My dmf was on its last legs and they found a crack in the exhaust manifold. At 200k miles it wasn't worth repairing (£2-2.5k estimates) clutch and dmf fitted was £800. Turbo recon £450 ish plus labour plus the manifold replacement £500 plus labour. Aircon packed up a while back and a few other repairs were looking imminent so I ended up selling it to a local mechanic who wanted it and would get it back running.
  3. I didn't get any warning lights when my turbo gave out last month. Was burning oil on acceleration, no whistle anymore. Grinding / rattle noise from turbo. It was running fine till it hit the point when the turbo should have kicked in so sub 2k revs on a flat road it was ok. As soon as it was under strain it was knackered. (330cd)
  4. Fiveways garage in Torquay is great if you need a decent Indy. Used Brian for over ten years. He worked at the main dealer in Exeter for years before setting up his own garage. There's nothing he doesn't know about bmw's.
  5. Was gonna list the piano black 4 piece dash and gear surround set on the bay for £50. Clubsport knob for £25 and see how they go. I don't have the door trims just the 3 piece dash and gear surround trims.
  6. Picked her up from the garage to take her home not knowing what to do with it. Every time the turbo came on (which I was desperately trying to avoid) it sounded like a super loud dremmel and loads of smoke out the back. They put me onto a local guy who had been in and asked about it on their forecourt. So cutting a long story short, Sold it to an old boy who runs his own garage round the corner from my house with a seriously cracked exhaust manifold, knackered dmf, blown turbo, non working offside mirror, a/c not working, handbrake not holding very well plus a few other non issue minor things. Didn't get an awful lot for it (on top of the newly refurbed exchange mv2's value, but he's going to fix it up as no labour costs to him just parts so it will rise again. Got a load more than scrapping or flogging to breakers so not too bad all in all. Took out the piano dash trims and gear surround and the clibsport gear knob I'd fitted so ill shift them on soon Was as genuinely sad to see her go. Hey ho. These things happen. Just a shame all three biggies happened at once and there were a couple of other bits that could do with sorting as well so I had to let it go.
  7. I was 134 miles off the 200k pic I was looking forward to taking on Sunday. But it all went horribly wrong and it's no longer mine. 😥
  8. Even a recon turbo £400 + labour dmf £350 ish ecp clutch kit £140 ish plus labour manifold (I couldn't find pattern other than eBay so oem £500 inc gaskets etc) £1400 parts alone and probably £5-600 labour if I shop around. I called the Indy I used to use (way further away) he told me with the mileage I'd be rolling a dice that other stuff could go soon as I've had it for 65k miles and haven't yet had issues with coolant system or suspension etc so they could soon start to go. I know now the pros for the devil you know etc and not much after that lot should go but I can't risk it. My pockets aren't deep enough to spend on repairs more than half the value if it was mint and with lower mileage so It's off to get a new small hatchback for a few years. I I am truly gutted especially as I finally got the wheels exchanged only 5 months ago.
  9. Had the call about the exhaust manifold. There is also a "silly amount" of play in the turbo. So much so that they said in all conscience they wouldn't take my money to do the clutch/flywheel and manifold if I didn't want to replace the turbo as I'd be paying £1500 then looking at a very soon further £800+ for a turbo which being realistic is not worth it on a 2004 330cd with 199k miles. Looks like ice I have to say goodbye to her after the best 3 1/2 yrs behind the wheel I've ever had. 😥
  10. Had a rattle under acceleration. Exhaust manifold is cracked. Waiting for quote. Dual mass also gone. That's £800 inc clutch kit and labour. 😥
  11. It's been a while but I saw this beauty last night in tooting, London and couldn't resist sorry it's blurry I had to downscale it to post on here it was Matt black
  12. The refurb price is the same as the total for the set swap over. Like you say, if they have them in stock the swap is great. If not they'll refurb yours to an amazing standard. They've always got mv1 or 2 in stock as well as the M3 alloys give or take a day if they are busy.
  13. Only time I've had vibration through the steering wheel was caused by a sticking front brake calliper. Next time it happens pull over and see if the wheels are hotter.
  14. First aid wheels in London nw6 £312 inc fitting your tyres and balancing etc. Not cheap I know (I had to pay extra £40 on top as all 4 of mine were buckled.) it's not a respray its a straight exchange for yours for already refurbished set. They are better than factory finish. Blasted, powdercoat primed, finished and laquered. Only a half hour to an hour or so from you depending on traffic. No hassle waiting a few days etc for yours to be done.
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