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  1. Following on from this is there any preventative maintenance that can be done on the roof Sorry to jump on the post
  2. Bacon

    Best oil

    I have been using Castrol edge 0w 30 on my 330 petrol but am finding it a bit expensive now what oil do others use I don't want extra cheap as the cars a keeper
  3. Sorry to hear that a lot of local village pubs are having a real hard time at the moment
  4. Hi Mate good to see you back , did the pub not work out then
  5. Personally I would go for a 320 or 325 or 330 theses are all the six cylinder engine and normally in my opinion a better drive , I've cab got a 330 with 58k on it and plan to keep it for a long time
  6. Rich where you been hiding ?
  7. I agree they look like a Proton with a body kit lol
  8. One of mine is damaged but not as bad , looked into it and the only place is the stealers about £40 -£50 a side and meant to be a bitch to change
  9. Bacon

    Clean car :)

    Very nice car , can you tell me were the boot lip came from please
  10. Jay isn't on here to much now , miss his Whit and useful info . Will pm you mate
  11. Why not start some topics of your own
  12. Bacon


    Cheers guys will have a look at both of them , wheels are only MV1'S but I like them they just look tired now . Not a fan of after market alloys as I had a bad experience with some once and want to keep the standard look
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