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  1. Went to see Ben at BMkeys today, I had only 2 original keys, one of which wasn't working. Initially I went for the Bentley flip style key, which is gorgeous and very good quality. Unfortunately though, the key didn't allow for the lock button to be kept pressed and close the roof / fold up the mirrors, which works with the original key, so I ended up re-casing my broken original key. Ben was great, and understood my decision to not opt for the Bentley key. Would definitely recommend.
  2. From memory, you can adjust the degree of dip of the passenger wing mirror using NCSExpert
  3. Hey Tony, I've not really been on this forum much of late, but just catching up and saw you've sold your car! Damn shame, was a lovely example. You should have given me your wheels and swapped for my MV2's before you moved it on!! Anyway, good luck with the new motor, all your choices sound great, but if it were me, I'd be looking beyond an E46 now for something newer.
  4. Yes Jammu is correct I've programmed mine to open and close using the key, but you have to hold the button down for the duration. One touch using the buttons inside can only be done via fitting some kind of external box of tricks like the fbc electronics one.
  5. Got Vreds front and rear on my 330 very pleased with them.
  6. One touch can't be programmed. Fbc electronics do a box that allows one touch open/close.
  7. I bought the gasket myself from ECP.
  8. 1 hour labour if I remember correctly
  9. Hard to say. Around town I'd probably say no, but on the motorway I touched 30mpg for the first time on a recent 90 mile journey! But I really don't drive my car often enough to definitively say the overall effect on fuel economy.
  10. Any decent garage that does air con should be able to help. They will use one or both of the following techniques. 1. Use a leak detector 2. Put some UV dye into the A/C system and then determine where the leak is that way.
  11. Rather than post your town or postcode, add your location to the Google Map. Please follow the procedure below on a computer, not a mobile device or tablet. You don't have to put your exact location, just an rough idea will do 1. Make sure you're signed in to Google. 2. Find your location first, then click the red edit button 3. Then click the blue paddle icon, and select your location 4. Put your forum name in the title then your actual name in brackets, e.g. "RonakT (Ronak)", and click 'OK' Any issues, let me know http://goo.gl/maps/ARHkk
  12. Really nice cars, all 3 of them, all with fantastic interiors! Mine has plain old black!
  13. Yep, think he'll do well once word gets out if initial impressions are anything to go by, I suspect he's done it before several times in his 18 years working for BMW!! Guess its different now when you have your own garage....
  14. The blue side strips on the door, and the blue bit behind the number plate, and above the rear bumper really do it for me, now where did I put that Halfords blue paint spray can....?
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