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  1. Ok, thanks for that, I wasn't aware but it explains it I've now found the coolers on ebay so can obtain if required
  2. Hi all, Ive noticed a number of adverts on ebay for auto transmission coolant thermostats but they appear to be only for petrol engined cars Does anyone know if a 2004 320d (150 bhp model) would have similar ?? Symptoms are, mainly on long journeys, the transission warning light comes on but the gearbox still functions perfectly with smooth changes up and down in both auto and "manual", this happens mainly when cruise control is engaged but also occasionally during normal driving conditions. The gearbox has been serviced but this made no difference at all, I'm wondering if the gearbox oil is getting too hot. I have checked the codes but nothing shows relating to transmission. Any ideas ?? Thanks.
  3. Lol, Thanks for that, I'll let you know, (In Spain at the moment)
  4. Many thanks Ian, I think I will end up using my dremel and possibly the "bonded windscreen removal wire" to get it out. At least I now have an idea of what the aperture looks like so won't try to forcibly twist it and shatter my hatch windscreen !!
  5. Hi all Got a 2004 Touring with a totally seized rear wiper fitting I have got everything stripped down but cannot budge the seized original fitting. Does it actually screw through the rear glass handle ?? (Sorry if this has been asked before but ran a search and couldn't find anything that covered my problem )
  6. Ok Thanks for that Was considering part replacing them myself, I'll check the overall condition when I get underneath it
  7. Hi all Got a 2004 320d Touring and need to replace the rear brake lines Is it correct to assume the fuel tank has to be removed to do this and how much of a job is this ?? (Sorry if this has been asked before but ran a search and couldn't find anything)
  8. I'm looking for a pair of lower front splash guards for a 2004 Touring with Sport bumpers. Preferably local (ish) to Hampshire but will pay postage for the right items. Thanks
  9. Thanks ibrahimx2001, Been thinking, I'm wondering, could it be the solenoid operated heater valve failing ?? Anyone any thoughts ?? Thanks
  10. ibrahimx2001, Both the thermostats were changed about 3 years ago but I suppose its possible they might need replacing again Thanks
  11. Thanks LV426, It's already had that and it made no difference, the box works perfectly but the warning light is on (peculiar but it never happens in town, only on a run.) Reference the heater, does the FSR control the heat coming into the car ?? the fan works perfectly at all speeds but its as if the heated coolant is shut off and not entering the car. Any ideas ?? Thanks
  12. Thanks TriggerFish, I'll look into that,
  13. Couple of problems, 2004 320D Touring Auto. 1) The heater occasionally seems to "turn itself off". One moment it will be working correctly, the next there is no heat coming through nor any adjustment to make it operate correctly. (All the controls and fan etc appear to be working correctly.) Is it likely to be the solenoid / valve combination or is there some sort of internal sensor inside the car ?? 2), The auto box works perfectly but, ever since owning the car (and the 'box having been serviced etc,) on a long run the auto box warning light shows on the dash, even though the 'box continues to work perfectly, Anybody any ideas or suggestions ?? Thanks
  14. Thanks jayh May have it sorted but if not I'll get back to you
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