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  1. It was once an LED bulb... been in there about 2.5 years. It stopped working a while ago and I only just got round to replacing it.. found this when I went to do it. Not sure I like the idea of glue gunning the bulb in place if I'm honest
  2. Any ideas how the hell I fix this? The prongs have literally disintegrated and the less said about the bulb the better
  3. Oh and there's more!!! Had a number plate light out for a while. Hadn't actually looked at it but you know how you simply assume it just needs a new bulb? Hahahahahahaha. No. Just went out to change the bulbs... [img=] The other side doesn't look much prettier, although it still works
  4. So, the car is seriously testing my patience at the moment... Been a while since this was updated, but to be honest, not a lot interesting has changed with the car as I've had other commitments so not had the time/money to do any more mods. Not that I had a lot more planned, just a few little bits like gearknob, handbrake, etc... but the list of problems is ever growing. There is a mix of big and small problems which overall all mount up and in general, it's just pissing me off at the moment. Wing mirror covers, I don't think they were taken off properly when the respray was done so the clips are broken and won't go back on properly. As I'm beginning to not be all that bothered, I'm probably just gonna use some silicone or glue or something to bond them on. Front passenger side indicator, the mount for it snapped so the screw can easily get pushed out. I think this happened when I had an accident last year or whenever it was as it broke that indicator. Think it snapped the mount as well. Was able to get the screw to grip and hold it, but it wasn't perfect... and one day it proved this by falling out randomly on the motorway, taking the screw with it. Bought a new headlight on eBay which was advertised as a pre-facelift coupe/convertible. Turned up and it was a broken, badly repaired saloon/touring facelift headlight. Haven't got round to doing anything else about it yet. A spare indicator is currently gaffataped in place. Gas struts on the boot lid have given up the ghost, so rather than it flinging open due tot he lightness of the carbon fibre, it now takes effort to open, but will drop shut no problems. Really can't be bothered to do anything about this. Maybe if it was still a heavier metal boot lid I might. Front brakes have been making odd wub wub wub noise. It's been a noise coming from the front passenger side for a while when you hit 30-40mph. Doesn't appear to be a bearing problem, only seems to do it in a straight line, never when going round corners. Front brakes needed replacing anyway and I think it's a warped disc or something like that. I went to replace the front discs and pads, but found the caliper carrier bolts were too tight and started to round off (using a 12-point socket probably didn't help), so I stopped there and just replaced the pads as it was nearly metal on metal. I noticed when I spun the disc, no noises. Put the caliper and pads back on, rubbing noise as it went round that seemed to match the wub wub wub pattern of the noise I was hearing, so looks to definitely be brake related. Hopefully replacing the discs will fix that problem. Rear wheels... noticed I had lack of traction and tyres looked OKish while it was on the ground but hard to see. While I had it jacked up to do the brakes, had a look at the rear tyres. Not as good as I thought they were and more alarmingly, the inside edge was bald and showing a couple strands of canvas on one side. As my spare set of wheels as a puncture in one tyre, decided to take the rear wheels off, put my front wheels on the rear and put a pair of my spare 17s on the front for the time being. That way I had a decent set of tyres for the time being while I gather the funds to get new tyres... but a simple job like that can't be easy. As I was removing the drivers side rear wheel, one of the wheel bolts snapped in the hub. After a bit of raging, took the rear disc off and managed to get a pair of pliers around a small bit of the bolt protruding out of the hub. Removed the bolt, put it all back together and replaced it with a spare bolt. All good. Alternator then died last Sunday.. Driving home from Brighton, been going about 45 minutes and then the battery light came on. Used Torque to monitor the volts and it was sat at 11.2V so below what it should be. Car still running OK and no dodgy noises so assumed dead alternator. Managed to get most of the way home but just before I got to Maidstone, the headlights started flashing. Turned off and put fogs on, then it told me my rear lights were old so I gave up and binned it as the side of the road. Called out AA, confirmed the alternator was dead but the guy wasn't interested in doing anything about it as he had finished his shift, so he left us on a dark street in the cold waiting for a flatbed to come tow me home. Four hours in total it took to get 6 miles down the road. Not impressed. And the flatbed guy nearly ripped my front bumper off. Text my Dad's mechanic mate who has a garage only round the corner from us and asked him to quote me for sorting out the front brake discs and replacing the alternator. Quoted me for the brakes, asked for more detail on the alternator. Quoted me the next day for the alternator, booked it in for Friday. Spoke to him Thursday and he said he'd pick it up. Friday afternoon we call him and he'd forgotten it was booked in. Came and collected it after charging the battery up a bit, then apparently the new alternator was faulty. Denied all knowledge that I'd asked for him to do the brakes even though I still had the texts to prove he'd quoted me. Alternator finally done on Monday but he can't do the brakes til next week. Back to the wheels, got new tyres fitted Saturday. Gave the wheels a good clean out last night and went to fit them back on the car. Guess what happened when taking the wheel off. Other side this time, but another snapped wheel bolt. This time though, it didn't snap in quite the same place. Bit further in, so nothing of the bolt protruding the hub so even if I took the disc off, not gonna get it out. I was seconds away from sticking my torque wrench through the rear window in anger. It's really testing my patience right now. So I put the wheel back on and put just 4 bolts in. Driven it gently to work this morning avoiding the motorway, checking the torque on the wheel bolts half way. Given it to a garage to get the broken bolt out which they've already done thankfully. Airbag light is still on since I had the respray done. I'm sure there is more minor problems I've forgotten about. I'm really at the point now where I'm going to fix what needs fixing, get it through show season and buy a new car. I've hit a point where I can't keep pumping money into it.. New car won't be another E46, it's been nice owning it, but I know a lot of these problems are age-related, so I don't think I'm going to go for another car the same age. TL;DR, my car is broken, I hate it and I want a new one.
  5. Spotted a slammed silver or grey (can't remember which :lol:) coupe on the A21 Pratts Bottom (Yeah, yeah, I know :lol:) this morning. Looked epic. Anyone here?
  6. Hi guys, Quick question. I think I know the answer but want to check I'm right. I've got a carbon fibre CSL boot lid on my coupe and when it was first fitted, it'd spring open really quickly and need a bit of effort to shut it, assumed because the gas struts were expecting the heavier metal boot lid so holding it up more. The other day I went to open it and it is now the complete polar opposite. It's now relatively heavy to open, but really really easy to shut. I'm assuming this means the gas struts are knackered and need replacing. Does that sound right? If so, easy job? I'm not planning on fixing too much on this car now but I will if it's a cheap easy fix. It's not a big deal as the carbon isn't exactly heavy, but just confused me when it went the opposite way. Cheers, Mike
  7. I'm running HSD DualTech's and the ride is no where near soft but it's definitely comfortable for coilovers. It's definitely better than the TA's I had before.
  8. I don't need any tools to take mine out. I just grab it and pull upwards and it comes out
  9. I wrapped mine. Was pretty easy to remove, just a little bit awkward to get to some of the screws andjust needed a really big bit of vinyl to get the length.
  10. Definitely. Astra Owners Network have tried a Facebook page and it failed miserably. The forum is by miles better than Facebook groups. Easier to moderate as well. I'd say E46Zone is pretty much the same
  11. Cheers. I'll give it a go. I'm planning on returning the car to standard later in the year and selling it on anyway. I'll likely re-fit the original reflectors and clear indicators when I do so not bothered about being able to remove it or not. The car is just beginning to cost way to much to keep repairing now and after 3 years I fancy a change, even if I have spent ridiculous money on it. Plenty of parts for you lot to buy though
  12. Any ideas? Any way I could securely glue it down?
  13. I'm on a couple Modified BMW Owners Club E36 E46 Owners Club BMW E46 Owners Club They do have a lot of arguments on there, but can be a laugh sometimes. And just for s**ts and giggles, Slamber-City
  14. 'cause I'm lazy, I'm going to just copy and paste my thread from another club But if anyone is interested in joining us, we'll be heading over to Brussels on Friday 18th for Heaven on Wheels on Sunday 20th, then driving back the same evening. We're looking to mass book the hotel & crossing at some point at the end of January, beginning of February.
  15. I'll be a maybe. Was nice to meet you lot last year, but I've been debating whether to do this show again as 2 out of the three years I've been, someone has crashed into my car the day before. Call me superstitious and all that, but I think I'm safer not going
  16. Looks about right Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
  17. Hi. This car is getting properly on my nerves now. Any tips of securing a front coupe indicator securely without the screw? The plastic around the screw hole has snapped off so it's hard to secure it down. I've now lost the indicator on the motorway after I broke the last one trying to get it to secure down. I just bought a new headlamp unit to replace it but it's turned up all cracked and welded back together, no indicator mount, top mounts stuck back on and after all that it turns out it's a saloon unit even though it was advertised as a coupe unit. Any ideas on a way I can secure the indicator down without needing to use the screw mechanism? Thanks Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
  18. All down to personal opinion as said. I think that cars like the M3 would be performance cars rather than sports cars. A sports car to me is something like the MX-5, MG TF, BMW Z4, that sort of thing.
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    Anything interesting? :)
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    Was sat behind you in Welling earlier about 4:15 pm. Clubsport looking great [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
  21. Just spotted thus very tidy red couple on ACs at Bluewater. Anyone here? Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
  22. Spotted a highly modded red E46 coupe in Blackfen this evening, sometime around 6ish. Looked good but it was a bit too dark to see much. Anyone here?
  23. So there is nothing I can use to at least read what the fault is?
  24. Since I had my car in the bodyshop, the airbag light has been on. I'm not sure if they've knocked something or whether it's coincidence... but they've hooked their diagnostic machine on but it won't seem to connect up. I've tried to read any codes with Torque on my phone and on my Andrive headunit, but no fault codes reported. What is the best way to diagnose where the fault is, and if possible, clear the light? Are there any specific programs or tools I can use? BMW want just shy of £100 just to consider looking at it which I'm a bit reluctant to pay if it's something I can do myself cheaper. Cheers, Mike
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