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  1. Random question. Would there be any problems with temporarily having different wheel sizes on the front to the back? I've got some weird vibrating noises coming from what I'm certain is the front wheels, namely the passenger side one. Wondering if it might be something to do with the tyre and/or wheel. As my wheels are staggered 18's, 8J front, 9J rear, I don't think I can really swap front to rear to see if the noise follows... but I was wondering if I could potentially fit a pair of 17's on the front to see if the noise goes away or changes in any way. Would there be any problems with running 17x8 on the front and 18x9 on the rear for 10 miles or so to test? I'd stick the whole set of 17's on but one of the tyres is flat as a pancake and I'm pretty sure it's punctured somewhere... plus I can't be bothered to change all 4 to test Good idea? Bad idea? Cheers, Mike
  2. Didn't realise it linked into the climate, but now you say it, I have noticed the climate doing funny things while the temp sensor is going up and down. I'll see if I can grab a new one, although with the cabling being ripped off, I'm not sure I'm confident enough to replace it. Don't really want to have to trace the whole loom back either. I'll see what I can do :)
  3. I got my carbon ones from SSDD Motorsport which are spot on. They do black ones as well.
  4. Hi guys, Don't ask me how, but my outside temperature sensor seems to have fallen off and got run over. The whole section between the bumper and the passenger side wheel arch has gone missing and I remember hearing a clatter under the wheel as I ran something over earlier in the day when I spotted it wasn't working. When it's done this it's snapped the cable pretty cleanly, so when its wet, water gets to the cable and it can't make its mind up whether it's +50*C or -40*C... or anywhere in between that it feels appropriate at the time. Does this sensor have any bearing on anything else other than the outside temperature display on the trip computer? I'm not overly bothered about knowing what the outside temperature is. It's nice to know, but I'm not bothered. If I don't have to fix it, I probably won't bother. Not right now anyway. If that is all it does though, is there any way I can turn off the temperature warning? The one where it beeps and flashes the temperature up when it goes below +3*C? I had it this morning where it was a bit wet and it kept changing above and below this mark, so every time it dropped, it started beeping and flashing at me claiming it was -40*C when it clearly wasn't. This gets annoying, especially when it does it randomly for a few minutes. Thanks, Mike
  5. On my coupe, the bits under the rear windows are just stuck down with 3M trim tape. When I've bought new ones, they've had the tape on the bottom with a red film. Peel the red film back and stick down. I'd assume it's the same sort of method on the touring.
  6. On my coupe, the bits under the rear windows are just stuck down with 3M trim tape. When I've bought new ones, they've had the tape on the bottom with a red film. Peel the red film back and stick down. I'd assume it's the same sort of method on the touring.
  7. I've got carbon fibre Clubsport splitters on mine
  8. That doesn't look like the bottom of an E46 coilover to me... Here is a pic of mine. Top is a TATechnix item and the bottom is an HSD DualTech. The HSD's just have a lip that stops it going any further into the clamp. The TA's just had a locating pin that slots in, but no bolt hole at all. The bolt just goes straight into the clamp and the clamp tightens around the shock bottom. Your photo looks like it is above the lip? So that would say drop link bolt hole to me... but you say that's further up?
  9. All sorted finally, now I've been paid Bought one from a Range Rover of all cars. Found it £25 cheaper than the BMW advertised ones, identical part numbers and spec so thought why not
  10. Carbon effect grilles are definitely not standard. Although I like them if done properly. I've got real carbon on mine
  11. My coupe seats fold forward, as do the M3 seats I replaced them with.
  12. Well it's been a while and I've only just got round to looking at this properly. It is the ballast that is faulty I swapped the ballasts from side to side and the problem followed, so I've put them back as they are as I'd say having only a drivers light is better than having only a passenger light... but as its getting darker earlier, need to fix this sooner rather than later. Part number on the ballasts is 1 307 329 074. Looking on eBay, I can see a few and they're averaging around £85 each. Anyone know any other places I might be able to get one cheaper?
  13. As annoying as it can be seeing people posting stuff like this on company Facebook pages, it does work surprisingly well. I had a similar dispute with Dabs.com a while ago. I bought a copy of Windows 8.1 (yeah yeah, I know, who buys Windows these days? ) and I needed it next day as the PC had no OS and I needed to use it that weekend. Paid extra for their next day delivery, nothing turned up the next day. When I called them up to query it, they said it had apparently been put into a "security check" without anyone telling me or any warning on the website that there was a potential chance it might happen. I asked to cancel it, he said it was too late as it was now in the picking stage. I still don't understand why they couldn't just not pick it... or if they had to pick it, why can't they just not package it up and return it back to the warehouse? It's not gone anywhere yet, so don't send it anywhere... but his only answer was reject the courier when they turn up. He didn't like my suggestion they reject the courier when they come to collect it... but either way, it was going to a work address so I'm not there to reject the courier. Asked the post room but typically this didn't happen. Called them back and they told me if I returned it, they'd give me a full refund including P&P, just fill out the form on their website and it'll get done. Went to their website, it won't offer me a refund of the P&P and they want me to pay to send it back... struggled getting through to their phone line, sent an e-mail as I didn't have the time to sit waiting. Got stupid replies like "reject the courier" again, people clearly not reading the messages. Eventually after repeated stupid replies, I just went on their Facebook page one Saturday afternoon and had the same rant I've just had, only in a bit more detail and started name dropping people as well. Come Monday morning, full refund and pre-paid returns label sent to me immediately. No problems at all. Sorry for the rant, I hate it when companies start doing this, but unfortunately we're now in an age where sometimes you need to go public on social media to get a company to pay and attention.
  14. IIRC, only the coupe came with OEM LED rears. The coupe lights do not fit a saloon or touring.
  15. Yeah, as said sensor. Mine did it as well. Lived with it until I did an oil change and swapped it out.
  16. Ok cheers. I found out my Dad was having his mechanic mate do some work on his car today so I asked nicely if he could have a quick look at the same time. Left the car at home for him to look at so will find out when I get home what needs to be done, but it does sound like the diagnosis here is spot on. I was expecting that sort of money, but I don't have a couple hundred quid spare at the moment Will have to see what he quotes and see what I can do. May be a case of borrow the dreaded Mini every day I can and baby it every day I can't until pay day
  17. So it kinda got progressively better to the point it almost went away.. then today it went bang and now it's vibrating and banging its way through second gear, even doing it in 1st and 3rd as well now How driveable is it going to be if I baby it? Cause a lot of damage or be OK? And how much should I be looking at for it to be fixed?
  18. If I remember rightly, the visor lights and the glovebox light are 39mm festoons. The rest are 501's. I think. There's definitely a lot of 501's.
  19. Nimraynn

    Andrive Chat

    Removing the reverse cable from the loom has fixed the issue where it keeps randomly selecting the reversing camera which is great... but it makes me wonder if the red CANBUS box is knackered as I've noticed a while ago as well that if I have headlamp relation turned on, the lights on the buttons keep flashing on and off as if it can't work out whether the headlights are on or not. Set it to off and they always come on and stay on... Is the CANBUS box a generic one or is it very specific to the Andrive? Worried it might not let my steering wheel controls work when I finally get them wired up. I'm convinced it's the box and not something else on the car causing it to go screwy as things like the mirror dropping in reverse works normally and all other dash lights are fine.
  20. Nimraynn

    Andrive Chat

    Ignore that. Worked it out already. I read the loom the wrong way round so removed the wrong cable. Light brown one and it no longer knows reverse. let's hope that fixes this f**king annoying problem .
  21. Nimraynn

    Andrive Chat

    Anyone know what cable the reverse signal is on? I had an idea to just unplug it to see if that sorts my issue as I don't have or want a camera anyway. On the top of the unit it says in block 1, pin 6 is reverse... So I unplugged it and the issue was still there and the unit still knew when I put it in reverse.... But if I remove the canbus decoder altogether, it no longer knows when I'm in reverse. Not sure yet if the fault still exists, but it means it must be a different cable to labelled.
  22. Hi, I have the following for sale. All items available for collection from ME17 Full SE leather seats, front and rear plus door cards. Light grey leather, electric, not heated. Bolster wear on drivers seat with scuff on the back. Otherwise great condition. £80 collection only. Topaz blue SE front bumper, needs paint to be perfect. Includes fogs and grilles. £30 collection only. Topaz blue SE rear bumper for non-PDC cars. Does not include mounting bar. £30 colleciton only Topaz blue SE side skirts. £20 collection only. BMW business tape deck, supports CD changer. £10 collected or £15 posted BMW 6-CD changer with one magazine. £20 collected or £25 posted Provisionally sold SE steering wheel for round airbag (not included) with stereo controls. £25 collected or £30 posted. SE steering wheel for triangle airbag (can include untested airbag if required)), for cars without stereo controls. £10 collected or £15 posted. I think thats it for now PM me if you're interested
  23. Had a few spare minutes so swapped the bulbs round and the problem didn't follow, so it looks to be the ballast/igniter. How easy are they to swap about?
  24. Yeah, I've ordered some new bulbs anyway as they're cheap enough. I'm gonna look at it properly tomorrow so having a spare set of bulbs will be useful.
  25. This all sounds like effort, so I hope it's just the bulb But I'm expecting its not just the bulb
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