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  1. Hi guys, I have a set of xenon headlights that came from (I believe) an 02 plate M3 and one of the bulbs has gone on it. I'm going to swap the bulbs, but in my limited knowledge, I'm led to believe you'd normally notice a change in the colour of the light as a xenon bulb starts to die. This didn't happen on mine, it just suddenly cut while driving, coincidentally after going through a deep puddle when a road started to partially flood the other night... so I think the water has got somewhere it shouldn't and has potentially killed the ballast or something like that. If the ballast does need replacing, can I use any E46 ballast or does it need to be a specific one? The ones I had at the moment are bi-xenon, but I don't have them wired up like that as I've only got the one plug rather than the two. With this in mind, can I get away with fitting a non-bi-xenon ballast (i.e one with only one plug on it) or do they work differently even if not wired up as bi-xenon, if that makes sense? Thanks.
  2. Oil definitely needs to be drained as the sensor sits in the bottom of the sump, so removing it will cause the oil to drain anyway. It just saves it getting messy if you drain it first... unless you're a numpty like me and drop your ratchet in the oil drain pan when undoing the sensor bolts
  3. I've had stuff from the US before and sometimes I got hit with a customs fee, sometimes it came through without question. It's a bit hit and miss. I had an argument with Royal Mail only last week though as USPS e-mailed me to say there had been an attempted delivery at 19:07 on a day when I'd been home since about 18:00. Checked Royal Mail website, they said the same thing and I needed to re-arrange delivery with the details on the card left by the driver. No card was left, no delivery appeared to have been attempted. Rearranged delivery anyway and was told it'd be delivered on the Wednesday. Nothing got delivered, no card, no update on either USPS or Royal Mail websites. Raged at them on Thursday and the woman on the phone had no idea why there was no card, why they couldn't deliver it or anything. Seemed to be just reading off the same tracking system I was reading. Got home that day and there was a card left for a customs charge to be paid. So why did they claim to have attempted delivery twice and why could the woman on the phone not tell me I had a customs charge to pay? Especially considering there was an option to call that number and pay it over the phone as well.
  4. Nimraynn

    Andrive Chat

    Yeah, the previous model had no problems with the reversing camera. It's not so much I'm bothered about turning it off completely, I just want it to stop randomly cutting in while driving as it's really really irritating when you're trying to listen to your music and it just cuts for a few seconds randomly.
  5. Nimraynn

    Andrive Chat

    If I can sort out this issue where the (I assume) reversing camera keeps activating randomly while driving, then I may consider keeping it a bit longer... Has anyone actually experienced this issue on their unit and know of a fix? There doesn't seem to be any way to turn off the reversing camera, which was one of my initial gripes. I don't have a camera, so I don't want to it to activate every time I put the car into reverse... but now it's turning itself on randomly, it's really pissing me off.
  6. Nimraynn

    Andrive Chat

    I'm definitely losing patience with this unit and considering getting rid. I regret getting rid of my Andrive Gen2 as that actually worked. The Andrive Gen3 was meant to be an upgrade and mostly wanted it for the "instant boot" which only works once or twice in every 10 boots despite changing the length of time it is meant to keep alive in the settings. The wifi only works for a week at a time without unplugging the unit and reconnecting... and now this reverse camera issue is winding me up majorly. It's a shame as I do like the Android functionality and especially the way it looks extremely OEM in the dash, but I'm seriously considering binning it and getting a branded generic unit very soon.
  7. Nimraynn

    Andrive Chat

    So the WiFi died again after a few days.... But a more annoying problem now. Randomly, for random length periods as well, the screen will go blank and all audio will cut. Can be anywhere from half a second to a good 20 seconds at a time, but no consistency as to when it'll do it. I think its switching to the reversing camera as it behaves in exactly the same way, but it'll do it when driving along or even like now, engines not even running. I've just taken it out and let it sit disconnected for 5 minutes but its done it once already while sitting watching it. On the plus side, WiFi is back after doing that...
  8. I've heard mixed stories, but we have monthly meets with AON there in the Plaza car park and we haven't ever been picked up by Security in years.
  9. Awesome. I'll have to take a look at this, I've got a bit of a creaking noise that I've not got round to looking at yet
  10. Are these easy things I could check on the driveway? Or better getting a pro to check them? They sound like something I'd get a pro to change, but if I could at least check it myself, that'd be good.
  11. Hi guys, Bit of a hard one to describe, but having what I think might be an issue with my 323Ci. If I'm driving with a heavy right foot, I get a vibration from the rear... but only when I hit 4k RPM in 2nd gear. If I take my foot off the pedal and let it coast, the vibration goes away, but if I put my foot back in it, it starts vibrating again. It feels like it's coming from the rear passenger side. Same RPM in 1st or 3rd gear causes no issues, purely in 2nd gear. Any ideas what this could be? Cheers, Mike
  12. Should just be pull it out and push the new one in.
  13. I've done a few road trips to Europe. My favourite trip that I've done twice was to Alicante. Drove from London, onto the train, from Calais, down the west side of France via Le Mans, Bordeaux, down to Pau. Stop overnight, then cross the Pyrenees and head down to Jaca, Zaragoza, Valencia and onto Alicante. I love the trip across the Pyrenees. There is a big tunnel that cuts through but we purposely avoided this and saw some epic scenery. Here are some random photos from the trips when I had my old Astra H. Done a few shorter trips with some friends to Brussels and Avesnes as well. Would love to do a proper road trip to Germany or Italy sometime. I've driven in Italy, but we flew and hired a car so I don't class it as a proper road trip.
  14. Awesome. I'll have a look at sourcing the kit. Cheers for the info
  15. Spotted a very nice silver modified coupe on the M20 this morning around 7ish. Anyone here?
  16. Do like these wheels. I've been craving a bit of dish recently and these are one of the few wheels with dish that I actually like
  17. Awesome Is that just for the cruise control or does that do the stereo as well? Sorry evokid for hijacking your thread
  18. Fair enough. Just wondering as my 323Ci SE didn't come with them. I've fitted a wheel with them and they don't work. I didn't expect them to be plug and play, but most of the guides I find online seem to be for the newer round-bag wheel so I don't know if the cabling is the same or not wiring is the same as the later versions with M54 engine. Did it on my old 323. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk For which wheel though? Both wheels? It wasn't so much the wiring for the cruise I was worried about, more is the wiring the same for triangle airbag vs. round airbag. I don't think there is any coding involved from what I've read, but I think there is some wiring that needs adding. I've got the connector on the base plate and I've connected it, but the controls are as dead as dead. Either that, or my Andrive doesn't like them and I haven't wired in cruise yet so that doesn't work
  19. Although the exhausts are a bit big, it's got a nice arse. That's as far as it goes though.
  20. Fair enough. Just wondering as my 323Ci SE didn't come with them. I've fitted a wheel with them and they don't work. I didn't expect them to be plug and play, but most of the guides I find online seem to be for the newer round-bag wheel so I don't know if the cabling is the same or not
  21. Did you retrofit the steering wheel controls, or did the car already have them?
  22. You think that's disappointing? Despite not having any names pop into my head, I thought this was an epic idea for a thread so I pinched it and posted it on another forum. Not had a single reply Katherine Parkinson does it for me
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