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  1. I've just read all 19 pages and I've got to say, you are one massive nutter and massive respect to you for doing this. I've always wanted to do a silly engine transplant project, but never had the time, space, money and most importantly the knowledge to do it... This car is amazing and your skills are even more amazing Top marks!
  2. I've been looking at these for when I get my E46... I have a friend who bought a set of these, but for a different car. Same manufacturer and same seller. They are top quality, so I'd have thought these woul dbe the same
  3. Been looking on Google about the pedal fault and as you say, seems quite common. Looking for a guide on how to replace it though and I'm not coming across much? Does anyone know where there is a decent guide for replacing this? Also seeing some posts referring to a "bowden cable", I take it this is the same thing? Lastly for now, if I were to look at getting a Haynes manual, would this be the right one? http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_productId_171405_langId_-1_categoryId_165616#tab1 Cheers
  4. The guy in the Saab was in the wrong lane of the roundabout just coming onto the sliproad and I had to swerve to avoid him but due to carry a bit of speed (normally perfectly fine for that bit of road), ended up going straight into a crash barrier, skidded down the barrier, spun and hit the other barrier. Front drivers wheel is bent on the suspension, not sure of the complete extent of the damage behind it as I haven't jacked it up and pulled it all apart yet... but the front bumper is completely totalled, as is the crash bar behind it. The drivers door is buckled. Rear drivers side door has a fair bit of damage. Both drivers side wheels would need at least a refurb, not sure if the front one is actually bucked or not. Both headlights shattered internally. So it is repairable, but looking at a cost of around 4-6 grand to repair, so not really worth it
  5. I thought I'd share some photos of my old VX Astra SRi. I still have it sat on the driveway, but unfortuantely got written off so it is currently being broken for parts before I scrap the shell I have a full progress thread here: http://www.astraowne...rogress-Thread. I warn you though, it's 71 pages long! This was the car on the day I bought it: After many, many mods and a fair wedge of cash, this is how it ended up looking (far from finished): Original Spec: Vauxhall Astra H SRi 1.9 CDTi 150 Moonland Grey Factory fitted XP bodykit 18" Penta alloys Otherwise just standard trim Complete list of mods: DTUK Green Box (Made 180BHP on a low setting, would've been up to 200BHP if I had a chance to fix an overboost issue) EGR blanking plate 18" Pentas refurbed in gloss black Genuine VXR front bumper Opel OPC honeycomb upper grille painted gloss black Eyebrows Wing mirrors wrapped gloss black Side rub strips wrapped gloss black Chrome boot strip painted gloss black with Astra J style CDTi badge Team Heko wind deflectors all round Facelift rear lights Full piano black centre console & steering wheel controls Full blue & white interior SMD conversion 9-tower SMD sidelights and number plate lights Road legal metal pressed plates Rear parking sensors Corsa VXR side repeater surrounds OPC-Line badging to replace SRi badging Opel steering wheel airbag (Couldn't replace just the badge ) Silver interior trim wrapped gloss black De-wiped rear end Those are what I remember. I'm sure there were a few more. Mods I had planned: Dual exit custom ehxaust DAP-R lowering springs VXR shock absorbers Roof wrapped gloss black VXR seats Maybe a set of 18" BBS CH alloys Unfortunately, this is how it ended up just 24 hours after the rolling road photo above At the end of the day, the car did it's job and I'm still here unharmed, so although it's a shame to see with all the time, effort, money and plans that had gone into it... time to move on really. Hopefully, onto an E46 Cheers for looking, Mike
  6. Ok, cool. Cheers I think I've decided whether I get this one or not, I'm definitely getting an E46 as the replacement. Was very nice and I've heard people always saying the build quality of German cars like the BMWs and Mercs is brilliant, but I never thought much about it. I always thought the build quality of the Astra was pretty decent, but having had a thorough poke around this BMW, I can see what people mean when they say they have brilliant build quality. I'm going to take a look at a couple more soon, but the guy is going to talk to his brother (as it's his car really) about price and trying to knock a bit off for the faults and I reckon if the price is good enough, I may well take this one off his hands
  7. Cool, so not too bad then. I'm not massively mechanically minded, but I like to have a go. I've done things in the Astra like replacing the EGR valve, MAP sensor and little bits like that... And I'm now breaking the car for parts so gaining some experience from that... But at the end of the day, I'm an IT tech rather than a car tech... Would you say this is something best left to a garage or something I could tackle myself with a decent guide of sorts? Sent from my iPhone 4S using Tapatalk
  8. I had a good look over the car this evening, and although it was dark, it is in relatively good nick. Will definitely be going back for a daytime look over once the guy has had a chat with his brother (who owns the car) regarding final price. Checked the subframe for cracks with a very bright light and what I could see, everything looked alright. It was on go phone so took a quick video close up. Will see if I can get a copy to see if I'm missing anything. The only major issue I could find was the accelerator pedal was very stiff. Of I pressed it with the same pressure as the BMW Mini that I am currently driving, the pedal went nowhere. If i really put pressure on it then I went no problems, was just very hard. A brief google search says this is a common issue and a new accelerator cable would fix it. Does this sound right? Otherwise, nothing bad to report Sent from my iPhone 4S using Tapatalk
  9. The pictures make the bodywork look in pretty good nick, but definitely something I'll be looking for
  10. Cheers, I've found the sticky about that and checked a video on YouTube. Will make sure I get this checked out
  11. Hi there, Been a member of Astra Owners Network for quite a while, but unfortunately I had an accident in the Astra I owned back in November and the car got written off. Another drivers fault, but he denies it So anyway, as a replacement, I've been looking at the E46. Spotted a car in Beckenham, Kent a few weeks ago that had this forum address in the window so thought I'd pop over and take a look I've come across (or more a mate has offered me) a decent looking 2000 BMW 323Ci that I'm going to take a look at tonight. Now, I'm completely new to BMWs, having only ever owned Vauxhalls in the past... so is there anything particular I need to look out for? Whether it be engine specific or something in general to the E46... The only things he's mentioned and what I can see in the photos are that the bonnet badge is quite worn and chipped. Looking on eBay, a new badge is about a fiver, so nothing too major there. Are these relatively easy to fit? I also noticed there are two or three different sizes. Any ideas what size it would be? The other thing is the door check strap on the drivers door doesn't seem to catch anymore, so the door swings freely. Still closes, opens and locks OK, just doesn't catch when you open it. Parts on eBay look about £10-15. Hard to fit? From what I understand, everything else is in top condition and I trust the guy, so hopefully it should be a good'un other than that. Will give it a good looking over tonight Cheers, Mike
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