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  1. I may be wrong here, but when I replaced my thermostat, I bought a Wahler item from ECP. It was the more expensive one they offered, but was cheaper than the dealer. A quick bit of research suggested that Wahler are the OEM manufacturer and the only difference was that it doesn't have a BMW stamp on it. 8 months, many many miles later, no problems reported with it
  2. So after Clarkson's sacking and all the speculation about Top Gear making a return on Netflix, it's been announced today that it'll be returning in 2016, still produced by Andy Wilman, but on Amazon Prime instead. http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=atv_prm_c_unkc_1_pchamp2?_encoding=UTF8&node=7124555031&pf_rd_i=default&pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_p=650004847&pf_rd_r=1PZWB3W2SK1S35AE21Q5&pf_rd_s=center-1&pf_rd_t=12805 Be interesting to see how it comes out.
  3. I'm with you on this one. There are terrible branches of KwikFit and there are good branches of KwikFit. The two local to me are good. I have no problems letting them work on my car. Just a shame that their tracking machine gripped round the tyre and spins or something, so because my car is quite low, it kept falling off when it got near the arch.
  4. Looks good. I was thinking the other day about the thumb grips. Don't know what made me notice it but it makes me wish I'd asked for it now
  5. I don't know if this is one that might be a bit on the line of should/shouldn't? But I do like a bit of Adele. Hot as hell in my eyes, but something tells me I shouldn't admit it. Don't know why
  6. I've got carbon fibre splitters from SSDD. They look great and the guy in the bodyshop said they were pretty good to fit
  7. Sarah millican? I would just cos she's hilarious! I been struggling to think of any names, but this is one I'd definitely have a go at.
  8. I thought as much [emoji38] I'll have a look and see if I can find a label
  9. Is this the only name for grey in the E46? Or are there different shades of grey? Don't tell me there are 50 I've got grey leather seats out of an M3. 2002 I think? But I can't remember where I get that year from so might be talking out of my arse. The drivers seat could do with a little loving on the side bolsters
  10. Not sure if it's this exact model, but one of my colleagues got an LG MusicFlow thing free with his phone and it's great. Decent bass response. http://www.amazon.co.uk/LG-NP-7550-Bluetooth-Active/dp/B00UC795NY/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1437765141&sr=8-2&keywords=lg+musicflow
  11. I'm a hater of chrome. Never liked it on almost any car. I had chrome ones that had been painted gloss black and they looked great, but they chipped really really easily as the paint just doesn't stick to the chrome very well no matter how much you key it... I changed them for matt black ones and they never did it for me. Better than the chrome, but they always looked like a cheap part because I was too tight to pay full price... I've now got carbon fibre ones and they're awesome But then I've got carbon clubsport splitters, carbon boot lid and carbon diffuser, so it all ties in nicely together. Might not look so good on their own
  12. Cheers. Just had a look, £57 for the part I want. Cheaper than the best dealer price I've had so far which was about £75.
  13. Well I got a response saying they were getting back to normal again and he'd "have a look today and either post it or refund me if he can't find it". Two weeks later and a couple more chaser e-mails, still had nothing so I e-mailed him again yesterday with a final chance and threatening to seek legal advice if I don't get a response by the end of the week. I find it completely unacceptable to have most of my messages ignored and still have no resolution after two months. It's beyond a joke. Got an arsey response back this morning claiming he hasn't been ignoring my e-mails (so where's a reply then? Even if you can't supply the part I'm chasing, at least have the courtesy to tell me!), and basically saying it'd be wasting his time to go and find the parts as he'd rather spend the time putting his new warehouse together to make finding parts easier in the future and all the parts were in one container. I'm not really sure how it's my problem that the move appears to have been badly organised. Surely sorting out the parts your customers have paid for is a pretty high priority? He also mentioned how there is a notice on the website saying they can't send the parts out due to the move as well. I don't remember seeing this message when I ordered the parts, and more so, I messaged him that night asking if I could add another part to my order as I'd forgotten something. He had no problems telling me how to add it to the order and made no effort to inform me of any delays at this time. I'm pretty sure the order was made before any of these problems occured, but had no courtesy to inform me at any point. I had to chase it out of him. Sorry, but I'm not at all impressed with this guy. I've given him enough chances to sort it out and it's taken two months. Now I've got to go and source it from somewhere else at a much higher cost, but I wish I just bought it from the dealer in the first place. I'd have had it months ago!!
  14. That was unusually cheap. Average is about 116.9 for diesel round here. Not that I pay all that much attention to diesel prices as I drive a petrol [emoji14]
  15. Pretty much everywhere is like that down here now. In Ashford I even saw petrol 117.9 and diesel 113.9 at an Esso!
  16. I can cope with them, just so long as I can understand them which is quite rare. I've just spent the weekend up in Scotland with a mixture of Scottish, Yorkshiremen and Geordies. There was a lot of "Yeah, I agree", "Haha, awesome" type comments coming out because I had absolutely no idea what they just said
  17. Cheers guys Got my splitters fitted on Thursday and been up to Scottish Car Show for the weekend Maybe... I've already removed the pins by just snapping them with a pair of pliers... but it doesn't shape at all. Maybe adding heat will work, but the plastic is quite thick so would imagine it'd take a lot of heat and might not keep its new form. Plus the bonnet badges like to go yellow with the engine heat so I'm a bit reluctant to heat up the boot badge... I'll see if I can get a gel dome badge and see if I can make that take the shape I didn't ask them in the end to change anything, so it's just their mix of OEM Topaz
  18. Nimraynn

    Andrive Chat

    I've blown the fuse for the headunit, that's as good as unplugging it, right? Somehow my sub rolled around the boot a bit and managed to rip out the RCA cables for the rear speakers and sub... then later in the same journey ripped the ground cable clean out of the amp causing it to spike and trip the fuse for the headunit. I've had a good day today
  19. Cheers guys It's going back in tomorrow for a few minor fixes and to have the ClubSport splitters fitted, then it's a long drive up to Scotland with it It's still topaz I'm still trying to work that one out. There are no holes for it, but there is a sort of indented section for a badge. Someone on here, the guys in the bodyshop and the supplier all suggested snapping the pins off the back of the original badge and sticking it on, but the shape of the badge is completely different so when you line it up, it has a HUGE gap behind it and won't sit right. I tried sticking it down anyway with some trim tape but it wasn't having it.
  20. Nimraynn

    Andrive Chat

    Maybe, but if memory serves me correctly, it was about 5 days after first installation that the wifi died... so I don't really want to have to keep taking it out every 5 days just so the wifi works. I'll give it a go as a test though
  21. Nimraynn

    Andrive Chat

    So the wifi card on my Andrive 3 hasn't worked for a long time. You go into Wifi settings and its turn off. You try to turn it on, and it just sits there saying "Turning wifi on" and never goes any further unless you plug in a USB wifi dongle... but so far the only USB wifi one I've found that works is the one that came with my Andrive2, which I've since sold on, so I don't have that any more and it kinda defeats the purpose of having wifi built in.. After a few months of having given up, I noticed the other day that my wifi now works. The only thing I can think of that has triggered it is while the car was in for bodywork, the battery went flat as a pancake and we had to jump start it a few times to get it running properly again. It's only since then that the wifi has actually worked. So being happy it works, I've set it up to tether to my 4G iPad, installed Spotify and have been using that happily since. 5 days later (i.e, this morning), I get in the car and it hasn't connected to wifi... Go into the wifi settings, it's off again. Turn it on, "Turning wifi on" message comes up. We're back to square one... Any ideas why this is happening? and any ideas of an easy reset I can do to get it to work? Seems odd that flattening the battery seemed to fix it before. That seems to prove it's not a dead wifi card, but surely there's a better way than flattening the battery...
  22. The profile of the tyre should cause the 19's and the 18's to have roughly the same rolling circumference so if the tyres are too wide on the 19's, they'll be too wide on the 18's.
  23. I'm good with those dates as well I think my only plans so far are this weekend and the 9th August. Anything else is good by me at the moment
  24. 25th sounds good to me, don't think I've got anything planned yet
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