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  1. +1, what did ya pay? That looks the ideal unit for me also.
  2. I still haven't pulled the trigger on any of them yet but think I'm gonna go for that Erisin one, I'll probs do a video review or something as there isn't much on on them
  3. Sorry for the late reply bud! Well I've been LEDing everything outside the car and fitted some HID's which I stole off a car going to scrap, free mod!! Other than that not yet, gonna get an android head unit when I choose one.. I love OEM looking mods, so take a while to decide what's tasteful!
  4. Yeah, it's great and s**t at the same time! My cousin has that too and he cops a ban, he's been fit free for a couple of years now but I can imagine it's even worse when you get a ban and it isnt your fault!!!
  5. Thanks bud! Yeah we have a family run MOT & Service garage, and a car sales place too, I'm really lucky because I do all my own work and only pay for parts, whilst having the room and equipment to be able to do it all. Yeah the wait has been long, already served 1 year 1 month of the ban! It's SO difficult for a car fanatic to be banned And yeah, it should be I have no excuse for it not to be!! Haha.
  6. Hi all, I want to upgrade to an android head unit in my car, and im stuck between these two Erisin 2046B Xtrons unit They both run android 4.4.4 and they SEEM to be the same unit, was wondering if anyone has one of these two and if they're the same/which one would be better? I used to have an MGZT and they use the same stuff and the dynavin was the one to have but this was a while ago and things have changed it seems
  7. Hey bud, did the links fix? I think I made a lemon move and posted private links. Haha yeah, it's tempting!! I've had a go on private land, but nothing on the road yet but have been for a hoon with others driving. I have actually sorted my insurance already, I have a trade policy as I buy and sell a few cars as a bit of a hobby really, with my dad as a named driver and me as the policy holder so I could keep my no claims running.. it's cost me a small fortune, but at least when I get my license back I know 100% that I can drive anything I want, and that's what's important to me! Hope the pics come up...
  8. Hi! I had an 03 320ci SE vert before, loved it, sold it (as i lost my license), now i've bought another! License comes back in August, so I can just tinker about with it until then. Gave it a good clay bar and polish and wax. It's a 325 Auto done 100k Wax on! Clay bar is awesome.. get that 'wet look' Obviously it rained the next day.. after 6 hours of cleaning but the wax is doing it's job This interior is such an improvement over the other one I had in 'old man grey' Hope you like my new purchase
  9. Now that looks sweet!! Sportlines it is Thanks guys, I'll post before and after pics.
  10. Woah that was quick! Thanks I am leaning towards the Pro as I don't really like that super low boy-racer look.. Or are the sport ones not that low? Yaknow, the blacked out window subwoofer and flat cap look.. Must avoid!!
  11. Hello, I have a 320ci. It's not the M-sport. One of my rear springs is broken and the other rear is on it's way... so it's eibach spring time :) (I won't lie, i've been hoping one would break) Now I understand there is pro and sport.. one is lower I believe, I would like to know if there's any other differences? Also, with my car not being an M sport, is it a different kit I need? Well excited.. even if I have crap 16inch wheels off a loon I believe.
  12. Thanks for the replies Someones making me on now so no longer doing the soldering method.. it was never my strong point anyway
  13. Hello all. I tried to solder the 3-core 3.5mm jack cable to my cd changer socket in the business tape unit. Failed, it worked but the sound was all wrong. Could someone please point me in the right direction for a cable to buy which will work to plug an AUX in? Cheers
  14. Pic 1: Before Pic 2: Comparison of left, a halogen 'nightbreaker' bulb..doesnt break much night mind.. Pic 3: Both HID's working. Pic 4: Drivers side wiring Pic 5: Pass side wiring Pic 6 & 7: Lighting pattern was perfect didnt need to adjust them Pic 8: Lights on a wall in the workshop which was very well lit, nice and bright. Pic 9: In the dark in an alley Pic 10: In dark on the garage door Hope someone benefits from seeing the differences, was very easy to do.
  15. Didnt know they did 100w HID's?
  16. Thanks for the replies. Went for the second kit as bungers said, thanks!! And went for 4300K as mentioned too. Was gonna go for 6000K but dont want any chavvy blue in it, cant stand that when they're buzzing about in their 3 cylinder corsas blinding people!!
  17. Hello there, I have been searching for a couple of hours about installing HID's. I've established you need projector headlamps, which I do. I was wondering if anyone has fitted these to their original projectors? As there are some sort of bulb holder adaptation things Im not sure I would need? My bulb holders are in a tub like device you pop the top off to get to the bulbs. They're held into the projector lamp via a metal bracket which goes horizontally across the bulb to hold it in. I was under the impression I wouldn't need the adaptor things as the HID bulb is a H7 anyway so should be the same fitment.. the only problem would be routing the wires, but I can drill a hole and insert a rubber grommet. This is the link to the adaptors: http://www.ebay.co.u...=item3efbe66ba1 Also any ideas which kit, I was gonna go for one of these two: http://www.ebay.co.u...=item4d0aa714f6 or http://www.ebay.co.u...=item564b9e1014 Thanks, am really confused and been searching for so long now!!
  18. Ragtop Steve did you send a pm? Cheers
  19. I tried to PM you but I can't, as I'm a newbie here!! Can you PM me your email please, cheers
  20. Mit, is that doable? As it looks to be rivited togetheru
  21. Am thinking to just send it back on the basis he has cut the connector off. Ragtop Steve ; I only need the passenger side, how much do you want for it if you willsell it by itself?
  22. Some little Herbert knocked one off..and now I have a headache!
  23. Hiya, thanks for the reply. I had a look at M style but the mirrors they have are £223 each!! I can't be affording that however it would be cool to have powerfolds I'm 99% sure the one I bought off ebay is a genuine BMW mirror, but think maybe it's from an earlier/later car. Am wondering what the extra wires on my ones are for. I read somewhere the two black wires are for the heating, then I'm guessing the other 3 are for the movement of the mirror. I doubt there's any difference in wiring for the memory mirrors as that's probably a signal from a memory module maybe the one in the door. Unfortunately I can't plug the mirror from ebay in as the previous owner had cut it off instead of taking the door card off and unplugging it properly :/ I will try and solder it together and see how I get on, I'll put some pics up later. Cheers
  24. Hi all. I am a new member here having not had my e46 for long, have been browsing for a while but now I've signed up so hello Have been searching for a solution for my mirror problem, but cannot find the info using the search function. The car is an 03 plate 320ci. It has electric and heated mirrors, with the memory seats so the mirrors change with the memory 1,2, and 3. No powerfold. My mirror had 9(i think) wires going to it, and the replacement I have purchased only has 5. I was wondering if anyone knew if this is compatible for my car? I have fitted the mirror, but didn't connect the wires yet just in case (the person who ebayed me the new mirror had cut the connector plug off, so it's time to whip out the soldering iron). Please note I don't have the ribbon type wires. So in summary my question is, can I solder this new mirror to my loom and leave some wires out while retaining full functionality? (i.e heating, up down left right, and mirror dip when reversing) Thanks in advance, hh1
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