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  1. I have a 2003 M Sport. I recently changed out the Factory Head Unit (Business) for an XTRONS Unit. I cannot get the sound to work. See attached pics. This is the original Loom. Some cables that weren't in use previously. This is the Android Junction Box. These are the wires that have no obvious connector, for me anyway. Android Wiring Diagram. As stated, no sound is the issue I have. Any/all help would be greatly appreciated. Chris
  2. I have a similar issue. Xtrons Unit on for my 2003 E46. No HK. Everything works aside from sound. There are zero remaining cables from Car Loom side. What do I need to do to get sound? Thanks, Chris
  3. Alignment checks attached from 2014 & 2015. Car is a 320 CI Sport June 2014 - after.pdf June 2014 - before.pdf October 2015 - after.pdf October 2015 - before.pdf
  4. I have had my 2003 e46 for a few years now. Its been pulling to the left for a while now: - All the brake callipers are working as they should. - Iv had the front wishbones replaced. - I had the alignment checked, twice in the last 2 years, the rears had to be fully adjusted this last time...? This to me suggests compensating for something, but apparently the bushings are still in good shape. The alignment centre are suggesting that the adjustments may be off due to the wheel/trye size. When I bought the car, it drove straight, I think the problems have only started to occur after the alignment adjustments... Fronts 235/35 ZR19 Rears 265/30 ZR19 (stretched look) Im being advised to source some standard/original sized wheels and tyres, then attempt another alignment check. Any comments/theories welcome, including what size wheel/tyre the car would have had originally? Thanks Chris
  5. Hi All The diff is leaking from the input shaft seal. After a bit of reading & under car investigation, I have learnt that the exhaust & heat shield amongst other parts need to be removed to allow this job to be carried out. My question is, while the exhaust is down, are there any other jobs i should get done at the same time: driveshaft bearing, guibo, any seals on rear of gearbox?? Thanks Chris
  6. Aswell as other issues, MOT advised that handbrakes were only just holding, and that the OS(right) caliper is slightly binding. Car pulls to the left(under normal driving & braking). I have since replaced all discs, Pads & shoes. I am yet to rebuild calipers. Iv had the car a year, and dont know when they were last changed, but the shoes were shiny, with Little or no visible reduction in wear....? My question is, how do i know at what adjustment to set the the rear handbrake asjusters to? If i understand correctly, i set those 1st, then at the handbrake itself. Then to bed them in, drive 1000ft with handbrake slightly engaged? Thanks
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