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  1. Hi all, Got my Saloon M Sport Rear Bumper for sale in Titan Silver, has parking sensors included. Also has the mounting carrier and sport diffuser included. Collection is from Wethersfield in Essex. There are a few scuffs on the right side of the bumper as in the picture, that cant really be seen when mounted. There is also a small crack/tear on the left side of the bumper, that again cant really be seen when mounted. Otherwise the general condition and the main area of the bumper you can actually see is very good! Because of the above condition I'm asking for just £150, very close offers may be considered. Cash on collection is preferred. However buyer may arrange courier at his own discretion and I will make sure its wrapped for delivery, payment will need to be made first though through either BACS or PayPal. Pics:
  2. Hi all, for swap + cash are my Eibach Sportline Springs for a 6 Cylinder saloon or coupe E46. All still look pretty much like new (still bright red paint and next to no corrosion) with about 10,000 miles on them. I'd be looking for your old standard or sport springs (which need to be in reasonable condition) + £50. Alternatively if you happen to have a set of standard or sport springs you'd want getting rid of, please PM me a price. Cheers!
  3. With the engine off the valve will be open. Engine on = vacuum. Vacuum = shut. And vice versa. The valve will then open at high revs, speed should have nothing to do with it.
  4. Jonny

    [Fs:essex] Sold

    Car was indeed lowered at the time on Eibach Sportlines. PM Sent.
  5. Jonny

    [Fs:essex] Sold

    No problem! They do look very good on a coup though, any E46 even, it just depends how much you want that staggered look and I bet a lot of people can't even tell the difference at the end of the day.
  6. Jonny

    [Fs:essex] Sold

    Cheers Daz, you're too good to me lol
  7. Jonny

    [Fs:essex] Sold

    Price now reduced in OP to £350.
  8. NOW SOLD Hi all, For sale are my 19" CSL Rep Alloys with tyres. All four alloys are 8.5 width and ET41 offset. All four alloys have variying degrees of light curbing (dont let your missus drive your car ) so a refurb may need to be considered depending on how fussy you are but none of it can be seen from a distance. All alloys are straight, true, balanced, no cracks, no lumps/bumps or scary bits and really do look absolutely fantastic on the car. They were purchased from MStyle (I'm sure you all know who they are) so are top quality reps and I'd expect nothing less for them to be in the great condition they are. Any black marks on the pictures below are simply dirt that I couldn't be bothered to scrape off in the pouring rain yesterday ( ) . All four alloys have tyres (Falken F452's 235/35/19) but two are on the limit, no more than around 2mm so could be driven around on but will need replacing soon. The other two tyres are probably around 3-5mm so should be more than fine for now. EDIT - Price Reduced! = Anyway I'll let the pictures do the talking, cash on collection anytime from Braintree, Essex and asking price is £350ono. Pics (bigger ones of the below can be provided if required):
  9. The flap will be open at idle and then close as you pull away at low revs to reduce noise. It will then open at higher revs aroun 3-4+ to increase noise when your foots down.
  10. Jonny

    MX5 Pics

    Whoah, whoah, whoah....theres a problem with your details I just noticed! Current Car:MX5 Gender:Male Thats physically impossible, needs to read: Current Car:MX5 Gender:Female I joke its a lovely car, despite the stereotype. Theres a reason it always gets so well reviewed.
  11. Jonny

    MX5 Pics

  12. Didn't even realise you were talking about somewhere in Essex lol whereabouts are you? I'm over in Braintree which according to the news has now turned into a gun-slinging ghetto.
  13. If I could shake your hand Sir, I would To be fair it does sound a pretty s**te situation/bunch of arrogant, worthless, not even worthy of the gallows, Chavs. Ignore my ignorance, however bliss it is! Some kind of medal is deserved for living there I think
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