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  1. Hey all, My passenger window on my e46 coupe sometimes doesn't allow the door to be opened, it just catches on the rubber on the pillar, it's as if the window doesn't go down enough when the door opens... Part of me thinks the door just needs adjusting, maybe its dropped down a bit or something, or is this a common window regulator issue? Thanks J
  2. Update: I've had that E46 for 5 years now! Lots changed... since then I've done the following; - suspension, springs and shocks upgrading (still low, about 40mm on the rear and 35mm on the front) - front bumper has been resprayed and repaird from all the little scrapes and bumps - I finally fitted an armrest centre console last week! - the kidney grills have been sprayed body colour... again - and yesterday I fitted an Msport rear bumper with a new exhaust and wrapped diffuser... plans for next year: - very light smoke on the rear windows - re-wrap the interior trim - recon the wheels Pics are coming... thanks ☺
  3. Hey chaps, I don't really want to change the OEM head unit, it looks like it should be there, I hate the look of ICE that looks really aftermarket. I have heard popping in some new door speakers and rear speakers makes things a whole lot better, but then conflicting I hear people saying the 2ohm speakers and stereo amp won't really power the aftermarket 4ohm speakers that are all relatively cheap, then I read some people have had success with this and it sounds great... I'm thinking about swapping out the door and rear speakers with some alpine ones I've seen on eBay, ideas please... If anyone has done what I'm talking about, please let me know, E46 Coupe Business headhunt with CD changer in the boot.
  4. Hello, I'm James, despite having an E36 catch on fire I thought I'd buy another BMW 5 years ago, this is my E46 318CI from Autovouge, it still looks like this, but is undergoing several changes, Msport bumper on the rear and a set of new coils and shocks, I'm do all the work myself on the car, so while living in london I just pop back to Bham on the odd weekend to tart it up and do things to it. Should think about getting one with a bigger engine, but this one is solid, all about the looks for me at the moment, until I have a spare 10k that is haha I'm 26, live in London, work on 'The Grand Tour' as a Researcher, DJ on the weekends here too. Been here since 2013, but not been active, I'M BACK! haha
  5. haha thanks man, honestly the alarm was a life saver, and killer... If I got into the shower a minuet before then the bushes, garage, dads old triumph, all up in flames, could well have killed me as well! very lucky situation! Really wish I could have done something about it, but hey ho...
  6. Hello there, i've just joined this forum, used to be on bimmerworld and a few others, However I wanted to welcome myself by sharing my story! Back in the day when i was a slightly chavy 17 year old I had a Vaux Corsa, don't they all. After two years of owning it, one day I suddenly took a step back... I never really liked the car that much, it was a cracking 1st car, but not my type, also about 5 of my mates all had the same car, and they were chaved up as well, apart from one guy, I had the smallest engine. I just suddenly felt I had to move on... BMW TIME!!! One month after turning 19, I put my Corsa up for sale, within a week it sold for more than the asking price, (bidding wars), then I got the train up to Edinburgh to pick up a 318IS E36 in a midnight blue sort of colour. Of course this thing was an M3 rep, and it was spot on! Everything but the seats looked M3, from the outside the untrained eye couldn't tell. I don't always agree with reps, but you can get away with it on an E36. Also the normal ones look gash! For me it was awesome, still young and a little immature, it was a cracking car! It only cost £1000, (face palm). However, what an experience, after 18 months of owning it, I'd had 2 smashes in it, rebuilt it, had the axel points cracking, welded, 1000s of pounds washed away, I just didn't care! A huge part of my loved that car for its oldness, It was just Retro and cool haha finally it had to end tragically... and your reading this right... yes, it caught fire on my drive! haha The nail in the coffin was the worst car experience i've ever had. I was about to jump in the shower when I heard the car alarm going off outside, running out in my dressing gown, I then realised the car was full of smoke!!! Anyways, loads of flames and a few fire extinguishers later, the car was scraped! (somehow the alarm previously fitted, suddenly shorted out, and thats the end of that) Still sticking with BMW, the cheapest car for insurance, and that would hold its value, was a Mini One! That little go kart was pretty cool, I hated it, but it was very fun to drive! The thing was used and abused Finally, a year later, my mum brought a new BMW E93 after owning an E46 318CI Autovouge for 5 years. Naturally, I sold my mini, and adding some cash, brought it off her. What mug wouldn't, its been in the family that long, I knew it inside out, and was the perfect car for me! I'm now 22, and barring the last few months of my degree in video and film production. The car is bloody awesome! I love the thing! Although I'd like something with a bigger engine sometimes, a huge part of me is happy with it, MPG on the motorway is still good, and it's one of those cars that on the motorway, miles don't exist haha I drive to uni, and use the horrid M6 most days, I couldn't think of a better car to have! BMWs are more of a family tradition, my mum, uncle, dad, grandad, even my sister boyfriend, have had, or still have them, it's almost an unwritten rule! haha In the future I plan on getting an M3 E46 and popping a few nice CSL bits on it, If you like, thats 'my car' and it will happen. For now, I'm very grateful and happy with what I have, until I the money for some M action haha Thanks for reading.... James (sorry for the s**te pictures, I do need to go out and get some decent ones of my current car!)
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